Title:Create ability to add 1 0f 4 type pagerCreate ability to add 1 of 4 type pager

Bad title


This would be a nice feature to have!

Here is a slideshow viewer from DynamicDrive that has all the features I would want in a slide show....1 of 4 and everything...captions too! If there is a way to customize the positioning etc with css and/or .tpls that would be perfect!


TimG, yes, that is really cool and seems to be right in the scope of this module.

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Here is a patch to get this to work.

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Changed name to Image Counter to match jQuery Cycle name

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so, is this now included in the new version?

or, how do I apply such a patch?

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Status:Active» Fixed

It has been committed and released in 2.0-beta2

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.