I'm trying to translate some modules but when I search for the string in question (en) nothing is found. I checked in the module's name.module file and saw the strings are in t() function.

Am I missing something?


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Is that string actually displayed on the page you are on when searching?

Yes, that's why it was weird. I was looking at the word and typing it in, in correct case or any case, and still the search was empty.

In the meantime I imported a .po file of one module I translated using Gtranslator, and now those strings I couldn't find before are there (they aren't from the module I translated using Gtranslator.) I don't know if this had anything to do with it, just thought it was worth mentioning.

I'll report if I encounter more cases.

I can verify this - In my case I am missing block titles, and also text strings inside template.php functions which I had wrapped in t(). All of these can be found using search function at /admin/build/translate/search

I'm having the same issue. Strings inside template.php functions don't show up.

But they are displayed on the page you are viewing of the site?

Yes, they are displayed and can correctly found on /admin/build/translate/search

@dodazzi: can you put up a screenshot of the string being displayed AND the l10n_client showing on the same page not displaying the string?

I tried to replicate the problem, but it works now.
So I'm sorry I think there should have been a problem with the cache.
I now correctly see strings on template.php .

Happened again. Using the module Signup I get a notification message after I apply for an event. The text is in t() within the module, but it doesn't appear in l10n client, even when I can see it on the screen and having l10n opened while I'm applying.

@potrulaca: is that a user customizable string (there is a settings page to modify it?)?

This is the part from signup.module that wouldn't appear

// Figure out if confirmation or reminder emails will be sent and
    // inform the user.
$confirmation_email = $node->signup_send_confirmation ? '  '. t('A confirmation email will be sent shortly containing further information about this %node_type.', array('%node_type' => node_get_types('name', $node->type))) : '';
$reminder_email = $node->signup_send_reminder ? '  '. t('A reminder email will be sent !number !days before the %node_type.', array('!number' => $node->signup_reminder_days_before, '!days' => format_plural($node->signup_reminder_days_before, 'day', 'days'), '%node_type' => node_get_types('name', $node->type))) : '';

So this text that appears in the drupal message isn't user customizable, but it informs user about sending emails (which are customizable).

Well, this looks like it might not be customizable, but could still be in a function which is invoked when you did not have these texts customized. Hm.

Same issue. My string was showed by drupal_set_message() function, so t() had been called in previous http request, which was redirected to new page.

Title:Not all strings appeardsm() translated in previous request will not be editable

@Bobík: that can easily be it. Sometimes Drupal shows strings from previous pages on the page (especially for messages). Not sure how to solve that though... Retitling for the symptom.