I am hosting Drupal on a Virtual Private Server through Cirtex Hosting. I have the drupal installation and the red 5 server installed on the same VPS. I have not been successful in using flashvideo module to post converted files to the flash server or the media mover module as well. I have uploaded all my files to the red 5 streaming server and have tested in oflaDemo that they stream.

Several questions:

1) I have tried to place this code into the body field of the content type.

['width'] = 652;
$params['height'] = 432;
$params['streamer'] = 'rtmpt://flash-7.simplecdn.net/play';
$params['file'] = 'examples/videos/bbb_640x360_h264.mp4';
$params['autostart'] = 'true';

The player doesn't display streaming from the red 5 server. It basically ignores the PHP code. Can't I load my files into the flash server and code in each content type?

2) Couldn't use the flashvideo module because,the way I understand it, once files are converted they get transferred to the flash server via scp - but my flash server is hosted on the same server as my drupal install, just in different directories. In attempts to transfer files using scp, could not transfer successfully, even after creating openssh keys.

3) Media mover module didnt like tranferring on the same server either.

4) What is a good video recipe for streaming using dash media player when you're using red 5 on the same server as drupal?

5) Do files have to be transferred through drupal?

Please help, really appreciate it!


anyone? ... please?

Hey Mark,

The FlashVideo module does not use scp at all to transfer files. For the most part, most of the transfers are local to the server that the drupal site is on. There is an option to move them to Amazon S3, but that requires a plugin module. I think it sounds like your installation may be goofed up. Honestly, it is very hard to diagnose an issue when there are a number of problems that can be causing your problem. So, with Red5, what directory do you need to place your video files? It might be possible to simply configure the FlashVideo module to place the video files into the right folder to where your Red5 streaming kicks in, but this will some very special customization. If you need an immediate remedy, then I do offer an integration service where I can set up your server the way you want. Let me know if this would interest you.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi Travis,

Thank you for your response.

I'm not sure which directory to put the files in... I figure I'd put them in the 'streams' folder in olfaDemo, since when I run the demo on the server I am able to stream from rtmp://mysiteipaddress/oflaDemo successfully. So the path is:


I'm gong to repeat the installation and see if it fixes the problem...

My biggest question though, is whether I need to use flashvideo or whether I can use the php code and stream files using the flashvars...?

Can't I create a page node and add the 'streamer' and 'file' flashvars?