I've had a stab at using this module but although it's impressive, I think it's overkill for what I need. So I'd like to remove it, but:
- there's no obvious way to remove the backreference field in Manage Fields
- if I disable the module without removing the backreference field, I get lots of error messages

Any suggestions please?


Title:Uninstall should remove all back reference fieldsHow to uninstall???

Oops! It seems I forgot to deal with this. I'm very sorry.

One way to resolve this issue is going to the "Back references" tab of the content types and remove the fields from there.

I'll work on a patch as soon as possible.

Title:How to uninstall???Uninstall should remove all back reference fields
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Better title.

Title:How to uninstall???Uninstall should remove all back reference fields
Status:Needs review» Fixed

Ok, patch committed to CVS.


Thanks for this - it seems to have done the trick.

However, it appears to work differently from the CCK norm, which requires you to remove the relevant fields before uninstalling the relevant module, in order to avoid it complaining bitterly about widgets evermore afterwards when you go to the Manage Fields page.

Personally I think this makes more sense - you uninstall and that's it - but it might be a good idea to give details in the documentation.

Re: "it might be a good idea to give details in the documentation"

I'm not sure about this. Note that the fields are created automatically. And the "Back references fields" feature is here just to bring you the power of the "Manage fields" screen and other CCK related features related to fields (Display fields options, planels integration, etc.), but still, there's no real data behind these back reference fields, and it is just as easy to re-create them if the module is re-installed after it has been completely uninstalled.

We create these fields automatically, hence we should remove them automatically too, but only if/when the module is uninstalled. Note that the fields are disabled when the module is disabled, and you'll get them there as-is if you re-enable the module. So there's no harm in this approach, I think.

I would be fine to add a notice somewhere, but I'm not really sure where.

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