I want to know how to put all my content from my mambo site into my drupal site. I've searched and found out how to do themes and users, neither of which apply to me.

Can anyone help?


I would like to do the same. Is the only way to do this to export the mambo content table(s) to a CSV file, and use the import module (which I dn't remember the full name of..) to get this in as nodes in the drupal database ?

EDIT: node_import http://drupal.org/project/node_import

ok, so how do you export the content?

Well, you could use phpmyadmin if you have it installed (or provided by your host) and choose export from there when viewing the content table(s). Choose CVS as file format.

Will the exported data be compatible with drupal?

Well, the exported data will then be in CSV format, and the node_import module can import data as nodes from this format.

ok, so is it one table per CSV file or do i bundle them all into one?

You'll most probably export one at a time, but you can if you want to collect them in one csv file using excel or openoffice calc.

Thanks. So which tables belong to drupal? I can't see a common prefix that looks like it might have anything to do with drupal, so i guess they're just on there higgledy-piggledy. Any ideas?
EDIT: sorry, just realised that was a stupid thing to say. Ignore it.

Which mambo tables do i export? If i just want the content do i just need to do mos_content?

mos_content is the common content table used by modules, but there may be for example some sorts of mos_*comments tables and the sorts made by modules.