I permitted anonymous users to translate using l10n client (my local site) so I can translate strings logged in users can't see, like captcha.

When translating as anonymous I can see the translation turns green, but when I reload the page it's not there (I also checked the .po file).

The permission I gave to anonymous users are
l10n_client modul use on-page translation
locale modul user interface

I had to use gtranslator on the po file and imported it to get those strings translated.


same here...

Any progress on this?

I'd welcome if you could help figure this out, since I've never used the module in this use case. Looks like drupal_valid_token() might be the culprit here, since it generates a form token based on your session ID (http://api.drupal.org/api/function/drupal_valid_token/6), but it you are anonymous, Drupal will not save a session for you unless it has data associated. This is solely a suspicion.

I'm not really sure I can help but I can explain the use case better:

simply put, I'd like to translate the login and registration form elements, but you have to anonymous to see them..


Gabor, you are completely right, removing the check for drupal_valid_token fixes the problem:

On line 434 of l10n_client.module, changing:

     if (isset($_POST['source']) && isset($_POST['target']) && !empty($_POST['textgroup']) && !empty($_POST['form_token']) && drupal_valid_token($_POST['form_token'], 'l10n_client_form')) {


    if (isset($_POST['source']) && isset($_POST['target']) && !empty($_POST['textgroup']) && !empty($_POST['form_token'])) {

fixes the problem.

I'm not sure if && drupal_valid_token($_POST['form_token'], 'l10n_client_form') is really necessary here, as there are other permission checks in place.

Well, I'd rather attempt to add data to your session in l10n_client if you are anonymous, so you get a session saved. The token check is there to avoid cross-site request forgery attacks, and is a required for security reasons.

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