In SingleFrame mode, is there a way to have the Thumbnails link to the full node by clicking on them?

Or is this feature reserved for ThumbnailHover mode?


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You would do that in the fields section of the view, by having your thumbnail link to the node.

Thanks! That works but I was already using Nodes as my Row Style, so I'm going to have to try to re-theme it.

No way of having that functionality with Nodes as Row Style? (without actually hardcoding it in the .module file?)

EDIT: The README says that SingleFrame only supports Node view.

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Maybe I'm asking for the wrong solution here..

What I want to do can be accomplished using ThumbnailHover, except all my thumbs keep appearing stacked up on one another and I can't find the div id or css class where I can tell them to display inline, whereas with SingleFrame the problem is fixed when I tell it

.views_slideshow_singleframe_pager div {

Here is the page I have that uses SingleFrame with Node View(problem is that clicking on thumbnail won't take me to full node)
Here is the page I have that uses ThumbnailHover with Fields (problem is that thumbs stack vertically)

Any ideas? Thanks for you help again!

i think you could set that in the display field settings for the imagefield there.

tried that. no success :(

there's a section in the SingleFrame css marked "Pager Settings"

how come there are no pager settings in the ThumbnailHover css? this would solve everything for me. unless I'm just missing something really obvious.

I'll say thumbnailhover has received the least focus from my part. So there may be things in singleframe that doesn't exist in thumbnailhover.

As of now there is no way to link a thumbnail in singleframe to a node. I could look into it more, but it will have to be later. Not quite sure what your issue is with thumbnailhover. I went to your site and there seems to be only one slide at the moment so I can't quite see your issue.

Hopefully I can look at it soon.

Has anyone managed to find a solution for this?

It looks like thumbnails are linked to '#' by default in the views_slideshow_singleframe>views_slideshow.js file (line 110)

I'm pretty bad at javascript but how can we replace that '#' with a dynamic value or bit of code that loads the actual node associated with each thumbnail?

Hopefully someone chimes in with a solution soon - need to get this working for a few projects :(



I'm surprised no one's posted back with a solution for this; all I need is the specific javascript tag to pull in the parent node's URL of each thumbnail to call in the Single-frame views_slideshow.js :(


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Postponing this to a later release.

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Please test this patch.

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This has been committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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The latest update (6.x-2.1) works for pager thumbnails but doesn't for numbered pages. Here's the change I made in views_slideshow.js (line 226)

Drupal.theme.prototype.viewsSlideshowPagerNumbered = function (classes, idx, slide, settings) {
  var href = '#';
  if (settings.pager_click_to_page) {
    href = $(slide).find('a').attr('href');
  return '<div class="' + classes + '"><a href="' + href + '">' + (idx+1) + '</a></div>';

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This patch was committed thank you rayge2k

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.