When a view uses the path mysite.com/content/ it interferes with CCK's add another item, causing a javascript error. Some other paths are disallowed, can you all disallow content?

Here is the writeup of the issue in CCK's queue:


I don't think, this is good. Then we need once exceptions for every contrib module.

Come on. CCK is not just any contrib module. Anytime someone gets a Drupal install they throw on Views and CCK.

CCK really has paths that start with /content ? That seems really surprising to me.

Yeah, it does, the add another field javascript function:

CCK could do this validation too :)

Project:Views» Content Construction Kit (CCK)
Version:6.x-2.8» 6.x-2.x-dev
Component:Miscellaneous» Views Integration

Markus, what do you think on this issue? (Kick this back to the Views queue, probably, just this is an easy way to get a CCK dev's attention)