Nice mod!

Would be great if the default settings could also appy to the separate Teaser block (e.g., Excerpt module). In a perfect world, the Teaser could be set uniquely (diff from Body), but would be acceptable for it to follow the specification of the Body field.


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Drupal 6 already provides that functionality in core and it works as described.

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Afraid not -- on both counts. Observe in the attached screenshot. The Teaser form field (top one), shows WYSIWYG controls -- using the Input Filters default. Whereas, the Body form field (bottom one), shows _no_ WYSIWYG controls and a modified label for input filter -- a result of Better Formats default settings.

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Your setup is being modified by some other code then. Drupal 6 core even with the wysiwyg module installed allows for a different teaser and body by unchecking the checkbox above the body field.

Title:Support for separate Teaser blockSupport for Excerpt module
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@dragonwize: you are right, but I think you got it wrong. There is an issue, which greta_drupal was trying to point out. If we use a completely separate teaser field e.g. Excerpt module (like she mentioned too), the default settings by this module don't apply. This can be fixed with a custom module, but would be better if Better Formats would support Excerpt. See the attached patch.

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Other modules will be able to take advantage of BF in 3.x.

That is awesome, but why this could not get in until then? I think 3.x is very far yet and this has not major impact which would need new API system.

Actually it does need a new API to give the requested customization that has been requested for other modules. If you want to have an except and still use BF I would suggest using either Drupal core's summary/teaser functionality or use a CCK text field instead of the Excerpt module which will achieve the same thing and works with BF already.