A new drupaler is asking your help. I want to use the value of a cck datetime field as an input for the until parameter of the jquery countdown. Is this possible? How can i implement this? It would be great if in future releases you could associate the jquery countdown with an existing date field.

Thank you.


Hi, I also wonder whether this is possible??

Title:Jquery countdown and cck datetime field as an input for the until parameterCCK date field formatter
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Hi guys,

I've implemented a small custom module that expose jquery countdown as a CCK date field formatter. It's very simple but it can be a starting point for implementing a more complete solution:


Hi Antonio,

Thanks alot for your module. I'm still quite new to Drupal and I would like to create a coundown node for our sales team. I installed your module and jquery module. I've got Date module installed already. So I would like to know how should I use your module to create a node type that can display countdown between from and to Date/time.


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@antoniodemarco Thanks a lot for this module, it is a life saver!

@Hein Go at you content type and on Display fields card, and for your date cck field choose for teaser and/or body view Countdown and that's it. It's also possible to use with Views!

Nice! :)

Subscribing... wondering about adapting antoniodemarco's github code for Drupal 7....


on the D7 Port (on Github see the D7Port Issue) is a ready working Version with a date field formatter so you can use it also on views...


@Blackice2999: Thanks for the advice, but I don't see what you're talking about. After looking at the D7 thread, I went to https://github.com/rashad612/jquery_countdown and tried out that D7 port. But I'm note seeing any date field formatters.

Can you point me to the D7 code that you're looking at (with the formatter)?

Many thanks!


Hi BenK,

ah i see you are right. i forget to send rashad a pull request for the formatter... please see on my github project and watchout blackice-master & field_formatter.
sorry about this.


Thanks, Dennis. I'll test your github repo soon and report back.


Version:6.x-1.5» 6.x-1.x-dev

Hey Dennis,

I tried your github code for the field formatters and it's working very well. In terms of functionality, I've had no problems at all and successfully tested it with several different date fields at the same time.

My only suggestion would be that we create field formatter settings for the expiry text and the message format (similar to the settings on the module configuration page).

And now that you're a co-maintainer, can you commit some of your github code to the 7.x-1.x branch?


Hi BenK,

thanks for the informations. i suggest that we create for the feature a own feature request. I think it´s the best that we create first a backport to D6 so we get the formatter first. Next step are features. The 7.x Branch is already created and i will work in the next few days to get the things running and we can create a first release. (@BenK: You can contact me over IRC or Skype if you want)


Thanks a lot for all the help on the module, guys!

Some Updates on this. The current 6.x-1.x-dev Version supports now to be used as date field formatter - the settings for the countdown can be found in the field widget settings.

has this been added to 7.x-1.0? I've added a date field to my content type, but the widget only suggets text and calendar popup?

Hi smzur22,

please try the dev version.