The region.tpl will use ".region-header" for the header region's wrapper div. Unfortunately, admin/build/block also uses ".region-header" for drag-and-drop table rows.

Which means if you set a width on one of your region.tpl's wrapper div, you'll also apply that same with to the table row which can screw up the layout of the blocks admin page.



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Its hardly critical since it doesn't break anything. It just causes an odd appearance on the blocks admin page.

Drupal 7's block admin page was re-written to allow D7's region.tpl to use the .region-header/etc classes.

Just write div.region-[name] :)

Component:CSS/HTML Markup» layout.css

1.You can apply css to your block admin page only* as follows

.page-admin-build-block #page-wrapper #header #block-header div.region-header {
// Your css code

2. This will have affect to only your block admin page and none other pages.

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#3 is hardly the case, but #2 is a proper solution to a problem we introduce in pages.css, since Zen guides the developer to use .header-region as a selector. Patch fixes that.

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