Attached is a .inc file to add user signature to the user context.


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THis should've been marked 'needs review' -- it would've been seen more quickly.

  if ($account === FALSE || ($account->access == 0 && !user_access('administer users'))) {
    return drupal_not_found();

This is completely wrong in a content type. The whole page should not disappear just because one content type can't be viewed. It should just return NULL.

* Callback function to supply a list of content types.
function ctools_user_signature_ctools_content_types() {
  return array(
    'single' => TRUE,
    'title' => t('User signature'),
    'icon' => 'icon_user.png',
    'description' => t('The signature of a user.'),
    'required context' => new ctools_context_required(t('User'), 'user'),
    'category' => t('User'),

This should be using the $plugin = array() notation.

'single' => TRUE is now the default.

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Here is the file with the desired changes.

  if ($account === FALSE || ($account->access == 0 && !user_access('administer users'))) {
    return drupal_not_found();

This was modeled on, but I changed it to return NULL.

Thanks for the review.

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Changing to needs review.

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Thanks for the reroll. Looks good now, so committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.