Aug 17, 2011 UPDATE

The basic field tokens have been committed to 7.x-1.0-beta4 release. We are working on part two which involves writing tests for the base-level tokens, and supporting more detailed, nested tokens. For developers looking to start integrating their module's fields with tokens, please read

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Comments are now locked as this issue has become too long with too many 'Subscribe' comments. If you would like to stay updated on the progress of this issue, join the Token group at (you must be logged in to to join). I will be sending out e-mails to all of the group's members with major updates to this issue.


We need field tokens for Drupal 7. This capability used to be provided by CCK, but CCK was moved into core without this functionality, and Drupal 7 shipped without it in order to meet its release date. This issue is discussing how to add this capability back to Drupal 7, with the advent of the new Field API in D7 core.

This issue will act as a primary communication mechanism for major happenings around this important issue.

Proposed resolution

Details of proposed resolution can be found in the following sub-issues.

Remaining tasks

If you are a developer interested in helping to see this issue fixed, please help unblock the following issues:

* #1222592: Architecture RFC: Field token architecture
* #1195874: Need to figure out how to create nested tokens from the array token type
* #1058912: Prevent recursive tokens
* #1252714: Easily allow a 'token' view mode to override token display settings

If you are a site builder who needs access to field tokens, please do NOT subscribe to those issues (which will add noise to the discussion), but instead subscribe to this one; it will be updated with major happenings when they occur.

A side note that if you need simple node/term tokens, you should be looking into using the It provides a [node:terms] token so that you can use [node:terms:first] to get the 'first' term associated with a node, just like the Drupal 6 [term-raw] token.

Original report by Deciphered

// Text of original report here.
(for legacy issues whose initial post was not the issue summary)

It doesn't appear that Fields are exposed to the Tokens system?

Seems like a fairly major oversight to me.


#515 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens_remake.patch24.62 KBts145nera
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#466 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens.patch21.93 KBGiorgosK
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#463 691078-462-field_tokens.patch21.79 KBBevan
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#320 field_tokens-691078-320.patch22.08 KBDeciphered
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#318 field_tokens-691078-318.patch22.08 KBDeciphered
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#280 modules_token.280.patch22.06 KBDeciphered
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#262 token.module.txt30.88 KBdamien_vancouver
#262 token.tokens.inc_.txt49.71 KBdamien_vancouver
#238 URL aliases | The Urban Child Institute.jpg43.56 KBmcowgur
#143 modules_token.92.patch19.59 KBpillarsdotnet
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#118 field-token-edit-instance-templates.png62.47 KBmanimejia
#118 field-token-templates-display-formatter.png144.53 KBmanimejia
#92 691078-token-field-tokens-v2.patch20.6 KBDave Reid
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#77 691078-token-field-tokens.patch21.41 KBDave Reid
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#60 691078-token-field-tokens-D7.patch21.41 KBDave Reid
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#43 691078-token-field-tokens.rfay_.patch23.6 KBrfay
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#42 691078-token-field-tokens-D7.patch23.6 KBDave Reid
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#34 691078-token-field-tokens-D7.patch23.6 KBDave Reid
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#32 Selection_111.png61.41 KBDave Reid
#30 691078-token-field-tokens-D7.patch22.19 KBDave Reid
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#30 Selection_110.png88.11 KBDave Reid


301 *g* subscribe

What's this about a pager of death thingy? Pager works for me. :)

subscribe ... Dave?



Pager of death apparently refers to the fact that after 300 comments, clicking on the "New" link from your dashboard doesn't actually take you to the newest comment; it just takes you to the head of the original post. You have to scroll to the bottom and manually click on the "last" link to see new comments, and that's just way too much work a major pita for most people with mobile devices. Hence anything after 300 comments probably won't be seen by the vast majority of more technically advanced users.

EDIT: Updated based on #308 by geerlingguy.

Well, they're all subscribes now anyway. I'm sure no one will miss it when the patch lands/is committed :D

You have to scroll to the bottom and manually click on the "last" link to see new comments, and that's just way too much work for most people. Hence anything after 300 comments probably won't be seen by the vast majority of users.

...and for those of us who usually check up on d.o using iPads, iPhones, Android tablets/phones, etc., scrolling to the bottom is a MAJOR. pain. in. the. rear.

At this point, I will likely only check back on this issue once every 5-10 new posts :(

To help: #268374: "Jump to" links are broken on multi-page issues.


Sorry if I'm adding this in the wrong place. I am using Views in Drupal 7 and attempting to employ replacement patterns to rewrite the output of a field in a view. I'm trying to use the replacement patterns for the field that I am rewriting, so they should be available. The field is a link and the replacement patterns that I'm told (in the UI) are available are -url and -title (as in [field_name-url] and [field_name-title]) However, when I implement the rewrite and look at the view, the replacement patterns are not replaced with data. They simply come across literally as "[field_link-url]" and "[field_link-title]".

So, my question is: is this a token problem, a views problem, a link field problem, or something else entirely?

Side note, this view is one that was brought up with a Drupal 6 > 7 upgrade. Does that have something to do with it?


I'm still use 7.x-1.x-dev.. although status report always give me notif "out of date modul" :-p
After try to install token beta 1 and beta2.. there was always ... appear error notification.
So i'm still using 7.x-1.x-dev.. hope beta3 release soon.

token is important tool.
d7 at
newbie drupaler



@aaronpinero , I don't believe field tokens are working at all in D7, so that would include Views. It is a Token issue, not a Views issue.


@aaronpinero, it is also a link issue since the link module is still using link_token_list() and link_token_values() instead of the new hook_token_info() and hook_tokens() functions


Status:Needs work» Needs review
new22.08 KB
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Re-rolled patch, applies to latest 7.x-1.x-dev

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, field_tokens-691078-318.patch, failed testing.

new22.08 KB
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 0 pass(es), 14 fail(s), and 0 exception(es).
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My bad, testing was to quick for the fix. Let's try that again.


Status:Needs work» Needs review

Patch looks good so far, great work.

I did notice a warning when editing and saving a node that uses automatic node title module using text field tokens for the node title:

User warning: Attempting to perform token replacement for token type text-field-value without required data in token_tokens() (line 757 of ...\sites\all\modules\token\

My warning may be unrelated to your patch since I'm using auto node title module to generate the title. The setting I use for the content type is: "Automatically generate the title and hide the title field"

Is the patch in #320 just a stopgap while we're waiting for the real fix, or was the ChipIn merely a wedding present for Dave?

Didn't chip in, but really interested in this feature!

@pillarsdotnet: Dave has had some technical challenges with getting Field Tokens working properly. Hopefully the code sprint at the Drupal Camp last weekend resulted in finding solutions to that.

Cool. Looking forward to a real solution, then.


Status:Needs review» Needs work

@tsvenson & Dave
Should other developers help with this? Is Stuart (Deciphered) going in the right direction? The last post by Dave was in April 15, so it hard to track the actual progress of this issue.

If it is getting close, I would suggest committing the best patch to the master (dev) repository and opening individual issues to clean up the remaining issues.

Nice work picking up on this one, the patch looks great from a 1 min review. Will apply and test if the maintainers let us know what the status is on this.

Status:Needs work» Needs review

Fixing the status. Sorry, not sure how that happened.




What's the current status on this? Other module(s) are dependent upon this being resolved, e.g. the Date module (#1103032: Re-Add Field Token Support).

subscribing :)


And Fill PDF!

Also subscribing and wanting to know what's the status.
Are there other issues that need to be solved first? If so, where are they being discussed?

I'm guessing people are more upset with the lack of status updates from Dave, then the lack of a solution.

I didn't come across this issue earlier, if I had I probably would have chipped in too :)

#320 works for me, see

This issue has become a big black mark for Drupal. I will surely be shot down for saying this, but it is my strong personal opinion.

Many contrib modules are waiting on this functionality, and therefore lots of new users, myself included, have found themselves following the status of this issue. The last we heard, it was a 10 hours job to finish, polish, and write tests. If things have since become more complicated, fine, that's certainly not unheard of. However, for a leading developer to not comment on this important issue for over 2 months (whilst remaining active in other areas of Drupal) does not paint the community in a good light, especially since people have donated money. It's not the lack of solution that upsets me, it's the lack of communication.

'Come for the software, stay for the community', right? Without communication and collaboration, Drupal is nothing.

Dave, if you need more money to complete this project, please say so. You would do no less if your sponsor was a corporate entity; how much more so when it is the community at large?

EDIT: Also forwarded the above via Dave Reid's contact form.

EDIT 2: Dave says he's writing a progress report now.

Could somebody join this project as co-maintainer and push it ahead?


Still learning a lot of things about Drupal. Any chance you can point me to how I can install this patch?

check section Applying a patch

Brilliant! Thanks for the help.

FWIW - the patch in #320 works great for Taxonomy tokens in Pathauto.


can more money help to hire an external programmer?

can someone post the amended files please? i don't have the ability to patch files myself.

also - it seems the patch from a few days ago works ok, why hasn't this made it into a dev release????

One more subscribe. Like others, not wanting to overlook all the hard work already done but this is a critical, show-stopping issue for a lot of Drupal sites and a bunch of other modules, now 4 months old... just a little progress report now and again would be hugely appreciated

It does not seam that additional subscribers has done anything to motivate this.

Would thoughts of having to pay back money collected work better?

I am an advocate of the chipin program. I think good developers deserve to get some green love for their efforts. However, part of being a good developer that is accepting compensation is communication.
We don't want to sour people to this program when its just getting started.

Please understand that when people donate/contribute funds, they want to know that progress toward the cause is being made.
There are a lot of dedicated Drupal developers (Dave and Deciphered, you are among them). I just hope that you understand that communication is part of development (especially when people contribute funds).

My wife talks about this from the banking software world. Without communication (status reports etc.) and documentation, your software cannot be used to its fullest potential.

If you would like someone to help with communication/documentation, please contact me. That is my field.


The problem is, Dave Reid is already *so* filthy rich that money doesn't even motivate him. Regardless of money he spends 36 hours a day *outside* his regular working hours maintaining the bazillion crucial modules he maintains. And contributing to core. And helping people in IRC. On and on. I guess we'll just have to let him set priorities for now. I know this is an important priority for him.


I'm more than aware of developers over-extending themselves, I'm constantly guilty of the same thing, maybe not the the same extent, but guilty no less.

However, taking money for "move development along" and not actually moving development along (which I do doubt that is the case, but it's the appearance) is in my opinion deceitful. The people that have put money in did so with the understanding that the issue would be resolved.

Myself as a developer that could also put time towards this issue, there are two reasons why I can't and won't spend more time on this issue:

1. Someone has taken money to work on this issue, therefore they ARE working on it and any work I do will be a duplication, possibly taking the incorrect approach.

2. There is no transparency regarding the specifics of this issue, so for me to work on the issue I would have to duplicate all the research/testing to determine all the specifics of the issue, and again possible take the incorrect approach.

I respect Dave immensely, however if he is unable to resolve this issue he should at least give an update to what the issue is exactly, and how it should be resolved, and in a perfect world he should give back the money.

My thoughts, my personal opinion. Not meant to offend anyone involved or spark a flame war, I, like others, just want this issue sorted.


Good Lord!
Mr. Contrib?
So it seems that there are a very few people that have this intimate of an understanding of the Drupal Code.
Dave Reid is one of them.
The list of other names that have this deep of an understanding is very short.

I can look at the code for some of the more simple modules and pretty much figure them out. For one such as this that operates at the very root of Drupal, I am hopelessly lost.
I am a marketing and sales person that became enamored with Drupal and its elegance and sometimes frustration (I can't resist a good puzzle). I am learning to read and write code as fast as I can. Hopefully someday soon I would/could be more helpful.
Til then, is there anyone else that has the capability to help with this?

Can we start a direct chipin to Deciphered?

I applied the patch in #320. I can confirm the warning mentioned in #323 when using auto_nodetitles.

I also noticed that the list: text field on my node did not have a token.

Reminder: Entity Tokens (comes with Entity API) "provides token replacements for all entity properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API" I've been using this for providing tokens for fields on nodes.

You use Entity API with token or how it works? I haven't work with Entity API/ Entities before...

I have Entity API enabled from the beginning and foung NO any token replacements for fields. If it is possibloe please indicate where.

Do you specifically have the entity tokens module enabled? Not just the core entity api module.

I use this comment to subscribe...

@Shadlington: Yes, I have it enabled.

Another comment to subscribe. I am in the same boat where I need this for "Custom Formatters" and "Date module".

I'm reluctant to ever run the risk of unnecessary conflict in an open source community, but seriously ... ChipIn contributions paid and not even a status report since 15 April! With a total of 248,927 sites reporting usage of this module on 12 June (and sadly, down 3,245 from 5 June 2011), this is clearly a vital project for Drupal that is quickly becoming a serious black mark.

Reading through other posts, Dave is clearly dedicated to Drupal (and highly important in the long term future of Drupal), but he's also clearly over-extended (a common mistake). Although a patch would be better, most of us are just looking for a note from Dave indicating the issue(s) and when a patch can be anticipated.

However, regardless of the past (right or wrong, misunderstood or not), many of us simply need development to move along. I'm prepared to contribute funds towards development fees, whether additional funds to Dave or to an alternative developer, and I'm pretty certain many others would contribute as well. I'd like to think that Dave is busy with the patch, but with things being as they are, I'd like to suggest that if there is no feedback from Dave within a certain time that an alternative developer be paid to "move development along". Deciphered seems like the right candidate.

Dave - please give us an update or let us know that someone else should take charge.

Subscribe :\

Keeping an eye on this one by subscribing.

subscribe. Currently using the most hilarious/dirty workaround for this issue.

Currently using the most hilarious/dirty workaround for this issue.

Do share. I love dirty humor.

@pillarsdotnet - Nice:


@Stolen Squirrels & @MrPhilbert - I appreciate the sentiment, but I am equally as over extended at the moment and without any knowledge of the specific hold ups I would be of no use. However where we to get an update from Dave describing the specifics of the hold up and declaring his inability to work on the issue I would do what i could.


And lastly, while this is just my opinion (disclaimer), it must be said.
Too anyone who is suggesting more money is a good option, you're all insane. Money has already been paid with no visible result (not saying there has been nothing come of it, it's just the perception here), so to throw more money into the the abyss is pure insanity.
Drupal is an open source community, the majority of work done by the developers is done for the sheer love of the community and the project. Money is not a catalyst for passion (unless it is THE passion), it is an inhibitor. The best motivation to complete an issue is the necessity. If Dave hasn't got the need to resolve this issue personally then he's not going to have the motivation.
Please stop throwing money at issues, if you feel the need to throw money at something, donate it directly to the developer (buy them a beer), but with no strings attached.


Now, I think we should reduce the rambling and bitching (hypocrisy, I know), and get back to the issue at hand, because this issue needs fixing.


Wanted to give a quick update on this for everyone. I'm working on a full write-up of the progress that has been made so far, where we are now with the code behind the issue, why this is so damned hard and cannot be easily fixed, and why I think the current approach using the field API formatter system for tokens is flawed. I hope to have it posted by tomorrow night.

I will also not be accepting any more donations for this issue. To those who did donate earlier, I would like to say thank you. Your donations helped get this jump-started but unfortunately I ran into a wall so it would not be right to continue working on this issue for financial reasons, but instead for personal and "greater good" motivation. And I do want to resolve this is a way that is not half-assed, will work for the 80% of users out there, and in a timely manner now that this is holding a large number of people up from upgrading to Drupal 7.

A side note that if you need simple node/term tokens, you should be looking into using the It provides a [node:terms] token so that you can use [node:terms:first] to get the 'first' term associated with a node, just like the Drupal 6 [term-raw] token.

I am committed to resolving this issue and I apologize for the lack of feedback and progress so far. I will do a better job communicating with you all in moving and solving this tricky issue.


Based on the patch in #320 I rolled a working patch for node_reference at #1192504-4: Properly implement hook_token_info(). It isn't perfect, but it does what I need it to do for now.

This comment was redacted by its author, who is a big dummy and made a joke but missed Dave's reply directly above this comment! Original comment (paraphrased):

"Blah blah blah, bad joke, pretty funny joke, inopportune joke, bad timing, blah blah blah. Beer."

Paul, that kind of comment is neither helpful nor constructive, and only serves to completely demoralize major contributors to our project. You wanted communication on the status of things, you got it. If you can provide architectural guidance on the various blocking issues, please do. If you can provide testing once those solutions come of age, please do. But please keep your snarky comments to yourself.

I'd just like to remind everyone about the Drupal Code of Conduct. Lets all try to work together and stay positive towards one another so that this can be resolved more quickly.

I agree. Maybe a joke sometimes but diplomacy and understanding can go a long way. When I look at the code for some of these modules and Drupal core, I don't know how you guys and gals do it. I gets more complicated every day.
It is sometimes hard for people that are passionate about something to communicate in an effective way. We are all guilty of it. Look at it this way. We could be dependent on Microsoft or Apple and wait and wait then be told that "what we need has been determined by a higher authority".
If any of you are old enough to know who Struther Martin is, you can echo his famous quote now.

P.S. Thank you Dave for the note.

@Dave Reid - Thank you for the update. It is much appreciated. I'm glad that the money I chipped in helped move the process along. Question: Is it possible to release this patch in stages? If certain field tokens work already, perhaps they can be included now with the module and side issues can be opened for the remaining token types needing to be added?

@Deciphered - The 'buy a dev a beer' chip-in plugin is a brilliant idea. I looked up the domain name but of course it was taken. is available though so perhaps someone can take the lead on that one. :)

Whoops, bad timing on my part! I was writing my comment apparently while Dave was responding and didn't even realize he'd already responded. In that context, it comes off as mean spirited and directed at him rather than just general silliness meant to entertain and diffuse the tension in this thread. Apologies.

Ha - and the more I think about it, it also must have been fairly frustrating to read what looked like mockery directed towards Dave, who had just moments earlier offered to work diligently on the issue. You must have thought, "Why is this fool attacking the guy who has just promised to work on this critical issue?" Bad timing indeed!

@paulgemini - The 'edit' button comes in handy in these situations... also, the word 'redacted.' :-)

Thanks for the status update, Dave! I'm still using a patched version from a couple months ago that's working relatively well. I'm not in a huge rush, especially if the extra time makes the module more performant or future proof. Plus, it's best to get it right than to make people change the way they use tokens after a first (buggy) version.

I apologize for the confusion. The Entity API project ( extends the internal Drupal 7 entity API by providing a CRUD interface. In that project there is a module called Entity Tokens. You need to enable both modules. Some may find it an acceptable work-around to this issue.

I am afraid that from the next Dave's message we will learn that there is no sense to develop the mechanism of formatters based on tokens or even that the concept of tokens has serious limitations. In fact, both concepts lead to infinite number of more and more detailed tokens; in consequence thousands tokens would carry all the complexity and inconsistency of Drupal system.

If so, I would suggest to establish a kind of limit for development of tokens/formatters approach and develop it to this limit. Why? Because IT WORKS. And such move would give core developers (and us, I hope) some time to elaborate better concept.

I write this because I'm not sure to attend this discussion tomorrow.

I'm glad this is moving along. Thank you for the update Dave, I hope it puts most fears at ease.

Thank you for the update! I'll take a look at taxonomy_entity_index

@Dave Reid - thanks for the update. Let us know if/how we can help.

#380 you also need to run cron after new field is added in order to update as new entity tokens


#386. yeah, I'm old-fashioned. :]

Looking forward to reading the status report. Drupal badly needs this project to move forward... don't leave us hanging Dave!

One more subscription.


I hit a wall with this problem.



@davereid: Quick question. Is there any risk that the available patch in this ticket will be incompatible with what you are working with. That is, I will have to redo a lot of stuff using field tokens once your solution is implemented?

Thanks for the update, Dave.



Tomorrow night is coming soon....... ;-)






Surely, this is some kind of joke?

If so, I don't get it.

The list of reasons why I'm not going to use D7 for any more projects keeps getting longer, and this one just bumped to the top of the list. I'm not a core contributor, so those who are can dismiss what I'm about to say if they wish, but as a developer who has worked with Drupal for years, active in the community, and contributed a number of modules, I think the development cycle for D7 and now D8 has gone off the rails, losing focus, making the code base too complicated to work with, losing critical features in the process, not letting contrib catch up before another half-baked core release is announced. It's a real shame.

I'm now getting a 416 error loading the 2nd page of this post, "Requested Range Not Satisfiable. None of the range-specifier values in the Range request-header field overlap the current extent of the selected resource." I think that's Apache's way of saying "+1, WTF."

I'm beginning to think Trunkhorn may be right. I wonder how many people have been watching Dave's twitter feed for some kind of update, only to be deluged pictures of cats, complaints at Google's slow development, and boasts of how many new modules he is creating? If this is how one of the most respected members of the community sets their priorities, I want no part of Drupal. How do I unsubscribe?

(Edited to avoid feeding the trolls.)

I live right above Microsoft. I remember when Windows Millennium edition first came out. Everyone in my neighborhood new it was just a stop gap. In fact, work had begun on Vista long before. Non Microsofties (like myself) were not very impressed with how this was done. We all thought they should have focused more on fixing XP and then work on a better Vista when it came out. It turns out that Millennium just sucked up resources that gave current XP users headaches and ultimately left Vista users disappointed.

If this sounds like it might be a round peg in a round hole, please raise your hand.

More than anything I'm hoping that I am dead wrong!

Should I have waited for the real D8 (er Vista) or should I just relent and let my neighbors convince me about the power and versatility of (gasp!)

I really don't see why anyone is bringing D7/D8 into this.
This is contrib, not core.

...I am not even going to touch the other points raised today for the same reason as xjm edited his post.


It really does seem that developers are backporting the changes in D7 to D6 instead of bumping their clients to D7.

This makes sense considering D7 came out a year after the date Dries originally projected, and that D7 sat with a pile of critical issues for 6 months after its release.... and still has a few critical issues currently floating that would put developers off of upgrading.

So the safest thing is to backport and that has really suffocated D7 contrib.

D8 may be better when it comes out... two to three years from now.

...D7 will be better when D7 contrib has time to mature.
The situation for D7 right now is better than the situation was for D6 when it was first released.

And this is really off-topic. Can we stop, please?

Uh no... I lived through the D6 release and this is about 2x worse at this point.

In D6 everyone was waiting 6 months and longer for the stable Views release, but core already had multiple stability releases.

We still have the same situation now, except we are still waiting for Core to get rid of its criticals.

Please stop all the off-topic comments, its enough with all the "subscribing" comments! D7 vs D6 debating definitely does not belong here.

Please stop it. I wouldn'd read all these off-topic comments....

Please stop and try to find proper solutions having such tools as we have. My first two sites in D7 are working excellently, one of them really complex.



sub - upgrading from d6 to d7 produces this error as well as one for the contact module update.


bump bump trumpy trump. trumpity trumpity trumpity trump. a-wump a-bump a-slump a-trump. buuuuuuuuuump bump bumper bump. wumpy wumpy wumpy "it's pronounced throat-warbler mangrove!" wump.



for the pager of death problem, you can use the following url:
this will show all(okay, not all, only the first 10000000) comments for that topic.


You might be short a zero though.

"A chuckle a day keeps the frustration away"


Tagging as a stable release blocker (hopefully that's not being presumptuous).

Still no update from Dave ?

Restoring tag.

Hopefully this won't remove webchick's tag for +D7 stable release blocker, which was definitely not presumptuous.

As far as I can tell, what is really blocking this issue from anyone else jumping in and helping is that we are all waiting for an explanation as to why the patch we were testing is a flawed approach. In his June 21st update, Dave alluded to working on:

a full write-up of the progress that has been made so far, where we are now with the code behind the issue, why this is so damned hard and cannot be easily fixed, and why I think the current approach using the field API formatter system for tokens is flawed.

which was hopefully going to be ready by the next day. Sadly, it was not.

As someone who is using the patch that was originally on this issue, and has been for 3 months now on a nearly production site with users in there and no problems, I am now left in a rather awkward spot. I hope to release this site on August 1st, yet I'm relying on functionality from a patch that I can only assume is going to be scrapped. On the other hand, the issue is going nowhere and i have had no problems with the patch on this thread. Without that writeup, I don't understand why that patch is no good, what the alternatives might be, what can be done by any of us to help get to a stable solution.

In short, we really need that writeup.. either from Dave, or someone else who appreciates the scope of what's required to get a solution that can work for everybody. I donated with the chip in along with many others hoping that would move the issue along. Personally I'd feel I'd gotten my money's worth from the chip in if I saw even the writeup at this point. I appreciate the issue is much more complicated than I realize, and would really like to understand the problem at least. Plus with this many subscribers I think we'd see some movement towards a fix if we all understood the situation clearly.

Why doesn't Acquia jump in and fix this? If webchick's missive today on ported modules holding back D7 stability has any teeth to it (and a bite was firmly planted on this issue early this morning -- see #430), then surely the issue is serious enough to sprint it to a fix by a team of experts who truly care about the reputation of Drupal, no?

I don't get it. The harsh reality is, I need field tokens like I need custom content types. Or to put it another way, I have a $5K stereo/amp and $50 pair of broken speakers that have no bass. Contributors need to realize that there will be times when their modules become so relied upon by the developer community that they essentially become part of "core" as well (Views 3, anyone?). It doesn't matter to me now whether Token is a contrib module or part of core. I, along with 1,000's of other developers need the module to work with D7, period. The fact that a Chip-In was started on this, and that people contributed to it, should be enough of a signal to the powers that be, that this module needs some love and attention, now.

Come on developers of other modules, it's time to get involved. Fix this oversight. Solve the difficult problem associated with this module—the one that I'm certain is quite true, and quite complex to solve. No diminishing the task at hand. I'm certain it's difficult and time consuming. But it has to be solved.

As for the patch that's seemingly out there, like damien_vancouver, I'm all for alpha and beta testing, but not for running a client site on a patched module. Drupal is funny like that: it's mostly contrib, yet the community forgets that businesses are running on the stability of D7 and contrib modules. So I ask... doesn't someone have a responsibility to make sure contrib modules that reach a certain use-rate get priority attention? ...especially when they're not yet fully ported to D7? Token is at 215,000-ish, +- a few 1,000 each week. A quarter-million!

I'll leave with this: BrowserID module, from announcement to module in one day? Brilliant. Google+ module week after release? Facebook-take-that. Token module 6 months after D7 release and still no seriously presented road map to a solution? Priceless. For everything else, there's Mastercard,... for which I'm willing to break out and use, if someone would just solve this incredibly annoying issue.

Issue summary:View changes

Adding 2011-06-21 update

Status:Needs review» Postponed

Hi, folks. Dave Reid, chx, and myself spent some time on the phone today to hash out the remaining architecture issues. I've updated the issue summary at with the current status of things.

If you're a developer, there are pointers to other issues you can help out with, including the large architecture discussion that needs to happen.

If you're a site builder who can't actually help with this stuff, please stay tuned. We'll update this issue as major developments occur.

For now, marking this as postponed.

first issue in your summary (#1222592: Architecture RFC: Field token architecture) is regarding Drupal 8 or is that a mistake ?

Since it's a Drupal core issue, to solicit wider feedback, it goes against 8.x in order to get more eyes on it. But the discussion there is for solving this issue, for the 7.x version of Token.

I suspect since there is many more available/willing people to test 7.x modules than 8.x core that issue might stagnate from lack of 7.x patches to review/test (or will there be 7.x patches ?)

The core issue is an attempt to get feedback on the architecture from other core maintainers, especially Field API maintainers since the solution and implementation that is used in Token.module for Drupal 7 should be of core-quality and moved to Drupal 8 core when completed. We need their feedback and input that was sorely missed when this issue was bumped from core to contrib. Patched and reviews of the token patches will likely happen in a separate issue for token.module and we will keep this issue posted with progress only.



Status:Postponed» Needs review
Issue tags:-Fields in Core, -token, -url. views, -D7 stable release blocker

#320: field_tokens-691078-320.patch queued for re-testing.

Status:Needs review» Needs work
Issue tags:+Fields in Core, +token, +url. views, +D7 stable release blocker

The last submitted patch, field_tokens-691078-320.patch, failed testing.

Status:Needs work» Postponed

oops, sry

I hate doing this... but I need to keep track of this... Subscribe...




To miss the paging issue / slow loads, book mark the following link, incrementing the comments_per_page parameter every now or then. :)

I just bookmark this one:

With all the other 147 other comments on page 2 ;)

I am glad there is some life in this issue at long last, in other threads. Maybe there will be a resolution in sight soon, albeit these are leaning towards resolving this in Drupal 8 core, which may result in slow progress...

+1 for pillarsdotnet's solution, that's what I've been using. Mix up your drupal dashboard and switch the two main columns. The links provided for new comments in my first column are different than those in the second. See this screenshot to know what I'm talking about.





#143 patch doesn't work for me.

Why drupal org doesn't provide a follow button or a subscribe link? Feel so evil to put a meaningless 'subscribe' here. : )


Aaah.... dare I say it? ... Subscribe!

I'd like to be part of Drupal history with this thread. Sub.

I'd like to be part of Drupal history with this thread. Sub.

+1 - does anyone know what the longest thread on is? I know #644538: Duplicate order notification e-mail, and duplicate stock decrement hit 355 lately, and I recall another 400+ comment issue... Of course, with Issue Summaries (and someday, hopefully soon, subscriptions), this could stand as the longest issue for a very long time.

...and to anyone coming into this issue at this point, please re-read the issue summary, and if you want to help brainstorm the proper solution, the action is currently in #1222592: Architecture RFC: Field token architecture, as was mentioned earlier by webchick, Dave Reid, et all.

Category:task» feature
Priority:Major» Minor
Status:Postponed» Active


Category:feature» task
Priority:Minor» Major
Status:Active» Postponed

@badrun Please don't change issue setting unless you really know what your doing!

This version of the patch applies to 1.0-beta3.

new21.79 KB
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] Unable to apply patch 691078-462-field_tokens_0.patch.
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Subscribing....(what can I do to help this get into the module?)

new21.93 KB
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applied the patch by hand
netbeans reported that could not be applied to current context (I have applied lots of patches before)
so I created a the same patch for any one that has the same problem

Anyway I am not exactly sure how to test this !!!


Sorry, I am really don't know what I did. I just want to subscribe to the issue.

Status:Postponed» Needs review

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens.patch, failed testing.

Assigned:Unassigned» alphageekboy
Status:Needs work» Needs review
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FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] Unable to apply patch 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens_0.patch.
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Updated patch file to use unix line endings.

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens.patch, failed testing.


Assigned:Unassigned» alphageekboy
Status:Postponed» Needs work

Since this patch is not part of the current plan for Field tokens, please open a separate issue to bounce it off the testbot. According to the Issue Summary:

This issue will act as a primary communication mechanism for major happenings around this important issue.


If you are a developer interested in helping to see this issue fixed, please help unblock the following issues:

Status:Needs work» Postponed

Resetting to postponed.

Assigned:alphageekboy» Unassigned


Assigned:alphageekboy» Unassigned


Status:Needs work» Postponed

subscribe - it would be great to have this automatically available
--I came across this though (haven't tried it yet) for people who need something asap:
and the Entity Module seems to help with some of this too



Assigned:Dave Reid» Unassigned
Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Postponed
Issue tags:-i18n sprint+token, +url. views, +D7 stable release blocker


Just tried token replacement and it worked like a charm.

Oh wait, I was just experimenting with Orchard CMS.

As much as I like Drupal, it's issues like this that are making me look elsewhere.

Drupal history, here I come!! Subscribe.

@MrPhilbert I agree.








it amazes me we can (apparently) get to the moon and back in the space of 8 days in 1969, yet this seemingly trivial issue in comparison has dragged on and on with no solution in sight.

it's a joke. my development in drupal has ceased. i shall not return, save an almighty overall positive re-write for D8 (not holding breath).

@devilpigeon that 8 days took eight years to prepare and 24 billion dollars. Get real.

@chx It would've been 8 days from start to finish on an 8 dollar budget if they had you working in NASA back in '69. Sheesh...

NASA metaphors aside, I think this issue reflects a very serious broader problem in Drupal 7, that the code is becoming too abstract and complex to work with. I wrote a blog post about this recently and would be very interested in the perspective of chx and other core devs.

@thebuckst0p - I've written an additional followup to your blog post (and others like it), here. I think it's unreasonable to consider abandoning Drupal because of one or two relatively small issues, like this one. There are many different workarounds, and yes, they may be slightly inconvenient... however, the situation is not much different than Drupal 6 (though there are a lot more people lurking about these days), where there were (and sometimes still are) a few issues that really peeved me, but that I could not do much about.

I always found a way to move along and get the job done with Drupal, and this is something that's simply not possible with many other platforms. Maybe it's a little tougher until Token works better, but it's possible.

I do agree with the sentiment that it would be helpful to see increased communication about the progress of this and other issues on, but I don't expect it—I simply hope for it, and carry on.

Folks, please read the Issue Summary up top. There are several issues that must be solved before this one will get any updates. I wouldn't expect any updates till then. I hope this comment gets seen...I felt the same way until I realized there were other issues at play.

@thebuckst0p - spot on. very well written article. when you're working with abstracted layers of abstraction, then something's come off the rails at some point. to me, the only solution moving forward at this point is a ground-up rewrite, not a half-arsed attempt at 'untangling the untangleable'. i also think that strict deadlines, and sacrificing usability in order to maintain those deadlines, is doomed to failure.

The reality is that is practically broken for devs so they are less likely to float here around users.

Now webchick, who has been the brightest light to begin to take reigns and fix things is sidelined because her father is ill.

D7 is dead people.

There is really no use for everyone to continue complaining in this thread... let's face the obvious.

How in the world taxonomy got converted into a field without the ability for the value of that taxonomy to be available to panels and other modules is beyond reasoning.

It's as if they wanted to convert the taxonomy system into the completely broken blocks system.

It's whack, and we can only hope a rational group forks someday, fixes the issues which are probably leadership driven, and brings it back to drupal .org to save the day.

I'm presuming the previous post was written as a joke? If not, I think I just fed a troll.

Drupal 7 is alive and kicking. mvc 3, razor view engine and nuget package manager. 30 minutes to something custom. The borg is getting harder and harder to resist.
I've been beating my head against the wall with D7. Even the folks at palantir seem to be focused more on other systems (node.js anybody?).
Still hopeful though.

Sorry to hear about Webchicks father. That is much more important than anything she could be doing here.

I've been beating my head against the wall with D7. Even the folks at palantir seem to be focused more on other systems (node.js anybody?).

We've been focused on Drupal 7 work for about a year and a half now, and to date have not done any node.js projects. Perhaps you're thinking of another firm?

Drupal 7 is alive and kicking.

Couldn't agree more! D7 kicks ass!


Sorry, but:

a) This issue is not about Drupal being alive or dead. All discussions are legitimate and may be useful, but, imho, they should be posted like in #495 (just a link is enough).

b) Bringing up private lives (#499) in this issue (specially about deceased loved ones) is purely bad taste and almost trollism (I say «almost» to not get too aggressive, but this is unacceptable behaviour).

Could we spare time to everyone and avoid coming here to read off-topic messages? All we want is to know news about tokens, for the rest there is and lots of other places. Thank you.

Hey Encarte,

She posted the info on her twitter, so it's public knowledge as far as I can tell. The point was that she has been instrumental in getting D7 back on track these past two months and especially getting Dave Reid to break his nearly psychotic silence on this issue, and that she was understandably going to be away.

Not to be too aggressive, but the only troll in this situation is you, and the rest of the devs that can make drupal 7 work while regular end-users are told to either pay to play or STFU.

Are you blissfully ignorant of the garbage that went down in this issue? Namely Dave Reid taking money through chipin before his honeymoon to solve this issue, and then play quiet for weeks after saying again and again he was going to update us all, while apparently having hours of freetime to discuss cats on twitter?

Seriously, D7 is dead for endusers...I guess I should have been more specific.

Truly the definition of "Freemium".


Basic level field tokens (e.g. [node:field_tags], [node:field_image], etc.) have been committed to Token and included in 7.x-1.0-beta4 release.

Next up working on tests for the basic-level field tokens, and then the array issues for nested/detailed field tokens. If you are a core developer, please try to help take a look at #1222592: Architecture RFC: Field token architecture.

No need to comment on this issue with a reply about the release or a swear word at me for my past mistakes. If you encounter bugs, please file a new bug report in the module.

Issue summary:View changes

Locking thread.

Thanks, Dave.

Thanks Dave! That's great news.

Thanks Dave! That's great news. doh double post...

As (presumably) one of the "H8TERS" who you'd like to tell to "SUCK IT", I would in fact like to thank you for your work. This is excellent news for many, many Drupal users :)

Off to test...

We can stop linking to my tweets now - thanks. That is my public place to vent and I attempt to make a good faith effort to stay professional on which includes better communicating with everyone.

And if you're already subscribed - seriously there is no need to add any comments. I'm just trying to make this only about keeping everyone updated now.

For anyone that has a module that provides a field type I have already started the documentation page on how to support tokens for your field.

@Dave Reid, thank you so much. Just having this limited functionality with the basic tokens does exactly what I needed for both my use cases.

I'm using it to output custom block titles off fields, and to build custom filefield paths based on a Term Reference. In both cases, the defaults you've chosen to go with for the basic tags (value for text and the term name for the term reference) work perfectly. I am extremely stoked!!

To clarify for people, here's what you'll get with the Token 7.x-1.0-beta4 release:

-You will get one token for each field, found under Nodes. It will be named: [node:field_fieldname]

-For text fields, the token is going to contain the value of the field. I'm guessing this will work the same for other simple types like Integer. In the patch on this thread, this was [node:field-fieldname:value].

-For term Reference fields, the token contains the name of the selected term. In the patch on this thread, that was [node:field-fieldname:term:name].

You will be unable to get anything other than this one value for each field at this point, though that functionality is coming later. If you were relying on anything other than the :term:name for terms or the :value for other fields, then you are going to have to wait a little longer. But if you are just after simple values as described above, you should be good to go.

If you're upgrading from the old patch on this thread, here's what to do:

First upgrade your token module to 7.x-1.0-beta4. Then you will have to edit each place you were using the old field tokens and fix up the token names to match the correct names going forward.

In particular, the hyphens in the field names are now underscores, and you have to remove :value or :term:*, anything like that at the end, as there is only one token per field now. If you look in the list of tokens under “Replacement Patterns”, you will find the new terms under Node and alphabetized by field name.

new24.62 KB
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] Unable to apply patch 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens_remake.patch. Unable to apply patch. See the log in the details link for more information.
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I try to apply by hand the patch (#470) to token beta 4 and it work fine for me for date token field.
I export this in another patch that is the same of #470.
Please review it
Thank you

I export this in another patch that is the same of #470.
Please review it.

Please do not post patches to this issue.

Please ask someone to translate the issue summary into Italian for you. Please read and understand the Italian translation.

Please post patches to:

Is it time to close comments on this and move all work to the other tickets? Maybe also update the ticket summary?

I'm going to lock comments. At over 500 comments that's sending a lot of e-mails to everyone commented here.

For everyone's convenience with respect to keeping everyone updated on this issue that still wants to be we have a 'Tokens' group on at I will be using the Broadcast functionality to send out an e-mail update to all group members with major updates to this issue's progress.

So again if you would like to stay updated on the progress of this issue, join the Token group at (you must be logged in to to join).

I will also be sure to add comments manually to this issue when there are updates as well.

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Update for 2011-08-17

Status:Postponed» Needs review
Issue tags:-Fields in Core, -token, -url. views, -D7 stable release blocker

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens_remake.patch, failed testing.

Status:Needs work» Needs review

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens_remake.patch, failed testing.

Status:Needs work» Needs review

#77: 691078-token-field-tokens.patch queued for re-testing.

#143: modules_token.92.patch queued for re-testing.

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, 691078-466_same_as_462.field_tokens_remake.patch, failed testing.

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locking comments again - link to group for subscribing