I'm currently using FCKEditor by default and also using the "Insert View" and "Insert Block" modules to insert the content of a view or a block dynamically into a node, like [view:name_of_view] and [block:name_of_module=blockid]. I added this tag in the node body and the tags get rendered correctly when saved and viewed. However if I open up the node for editing later on, the tags are gone and replaced with the actual content of the block/view at the time when the node was saved. This means the view or block I inserted is no longer dynamic and I have to remove the generated output manually and type the tag again, which is troublesome since I have to find out whats the name of the view/block somewhere at the admin area.

Is there anyway to preserve the square bracket tags from being replaced when editing the node and having it rendered only in view mode?



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What filters are selected in the security page for you profile?

Thanks for responding. I have the following enabled:

+ HTML filter
+ ImageBrowser Images
+ insert block filter

and these are left unchecked:
- HTML Purifier
- HTML Purifier (advanced)
- HTML corrector

Do I need to enable more filters?

BTW, I'm using Filtered HTML as my Input Format and under this input format, I can see more filters than what is shown under the FCKeditor security profile. Here's the setup of Filtered HTML input format:

- HTML Purifier
- HTML Purifier (advanced)
- HTML corrector
+ HTML filter
+ ImageBrowser Images
- Line break converter
- PHP evaluator
+ URL filter
+ insert block filter
+ insert view filter

For some reason, the "insert view filter" does not appear in the FCKeditor security profile, but it works (as in the tag gets rendered) nevertheless.

Thanks again,

Remove the checks for insert block and imagebrowser in your FCKeditor profiles. They're not needed there, only in the filter definition. I'll see if I can disable them by default.

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Thanks! Removing those filters fixed it!

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I make a feature request out of it, so I will remember to add some exceptions for these filters.

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Fixed in CVS

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