I am a very happy tropper having switched from a fruitless effort to get PHPbb3 to work with Drupal to Advanced Forum, which works like a charm!

But my client has asked for a feature, which I cannot find: the ability to collapse a single topic into simple lines showing Subject, poster and date. I was thinking about doing something myself - a view maybe or whatnot, but just wanted to inquire whether anybody has made (or found) any feature that can do that.

I have found a discussion on collapsible containers, but that is not what I need. I need a feature, which can show a thread expanded as it is now, but also collapsed without the bodies of the original forum node and its comments.



There isn't anything in the module to do that. Assuming you'd want to be able to expand the posts on click, you're looking at javascript, which is out of my skill area.


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I thought so.

And I'm not necessarily after some fancy, dynamic, in-situ folding thingamajig, but just a page that can present the single threads collapsed with subject, poster and date in one line for each post and comment.

I think I'll throw myself in the mercy of views. That's probably the best way to go for my project.

I'll report back if I get anything useful from my efforts.


You might want to have a look at http://drupal.org/project/forumthread . I don't believe it works with AF but getting them to play together might be easier than starting from scratch.


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A year later, doesn't look like this is going to be done by anyone else and I won't be working on it.



I never returned to this issue after having solved it, but actually made a small module to create the behavior that the client wanted. I'm not on the project any more and don't have access to the server, but just found some of the code that I used.

I added a "Collapse" link to the basic view of the forum thread, which would point to a URL like node/nn/collapse where nn was the node number of the forum node.
My module would then fetch the forum node and the replies and render them without bodies as bulleted lists in the forum template and add an "Expand" link pointing back to node/nn to the whole thing.

Pretty primitive, but it worked.

Cannot locate the latest and complete code as it is, but if it has anybodies interest, I can try to find it and post it.


Honestly, no one else has said anything in all this time. If someone comes along looking for it, they can always contact you.



Hi Martin,

I would be very interested in using the code that you developed. Were you able to locate it? Thanks!