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According to the THEMING.txt file included with Webform, you can customize the Webform's confirmation page by copying the webform-confirmation.tpl.php from the webform module directory into your theme's directory.

THEMING.TXT also suggests you can override a specific webform confirmation template by copying the default template to your theme directory with the name webform-confirmation-[nid].tpl.php


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I am using webform-6.x-3.6,

For your customization to actually show, you must enter a custom message in your form's 'Confirmation message or redirect URL:' field. If you do not, then no template will be used and you will not see your customization.

is not true any more. Just put that file in, and clear theme cache.

All well and good, but how would you theme the actual page? This only themes the display of the confirmation message, but I've yet to see a case where that mattered to me on a webform confirmation. Much, much more important was the stuff that's at page scope.

EDIT: The standard answer to this question is provided here. However, as noted down-thread on that issue, the standard answer doesn't seem to work for Webform confirmation pages.