I found that Direct embedding method sometimes not work for some reasons.

I have to disable and enable swftools


Version:6.x-2.5» 6.x-3.x-dev

I've not heard of this happening before, and can't think of a good reason for this happening.

What browser does it happen in? Just one particular one, or all browsers.

When you look at the source code of page that "isn't working" can you see the SWF Tools content, or is it not being inserted on the page at all? If the mark up has been inserted does it look right?

I'm using firefox 3.6.

I found that it happen on firefox.
firefox didn't load the embedding content sometimes and I have to refresh several times or even though quit and load firefox.

Also using FF 3.6, but have not seen this before. Has anyone else experienced this?

When on a page where the content doesn't appear does the source code for the page have the embedding mark up in (<object> tags etc)?

the embedded content is the source but it doesn't show up.

That sounds like it might be a Firefox problem then - if the embedding markup is on the page then SWF Tools is working. But if the browser doesn't render it properly that's something else I'm afraid!

I'm having a similar issue. FF 3.6 doesn't display anything at all with direct embedding or SWFObject 2. The markup is there for both. Have tried FF on PC and Mac platforms.

IE, Safari and Chrome all have no problems.

Will post back if I come across a solution.

Problem solved for me, it was indeed a peculiarity with Firefox. I'm using the CCK Blocks module to display a Flash field using SWF Tools. The CCK block height is set to 337px and the flash object's height is set to 100%.

Within the CCK block there is the usual array of nested divs drilling down half a dozen levels or so. For some reason all but the top level had a height of 14px so the 100% height for the flash object was only 14px. Setting the height on the immediate container div above the flash object fixed the problem. e.g.

#block-cck_blocks-field_header_flash #swftools-swftools-4c870cf367c5f {
  height: 337px;

Edit: In this case using a class is probably more versatile:

#block-cck_blocks-field_header_flash .swftools-swf {
  height: 337px;

I can confirm this. When i use html input filter:

[swf file="video/video.flv" width="320" height="240"]

It works once then i have to flush cache to work again.

if I switch PHP direct emebed then it works all the time.

Version:6.x-3.x-dev» 6.x-3.0-beta5
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