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Boy Scout districts are divisions of councils. Districts most directly support unit operations and help manage local organizational details like commissioner staff.

Drupal is a great platform for a district site.

Basic site

If you just want a basic site, you may start with a vanilla installation of Drupal. I recommend the following modules to enhance ease of use:

  • Administration menu: puts a menu of administrative functions at the top for authorized users.
  • DHTML Menu: collapses and expands menus without forcing page refreshes
  • Global Redirect: cleans up some URL processing
  • Pathauto: helps generates meaningful URLS like /content/units instead of crufty ones like node/123
  • Poormanscron: far easier than setting up cron manually
  • Wysiwyg:: you'll want this if you'd rather not hack HTML code directly

Now you need to select a theme. Review the Drupal Themes section for possibilities.

Now start creating pages. Be sure to make a menu item for each page, otherwise users won't know where to find your new content. Suggested initial pages:

  • District leadership: includes both the district committee and the commissioner staff
  • District information: basic information such as
  • Order of the Arrow: this starts out on the chapter level, which generally corresponds to the district, so the district page is a good place to host OA chapter info
  • Units: Have a list of units with names, chartered organization, meeting dates and locations, and contact info

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.