I'm having trouble with the grid amounts assigned using a child theme. It is possible that I am not using this specialized child theme incorrectly but there is no documentation to explain the proper use.

To begin I copied the child theme folder out of the Omega theme and into my themes directory. I then renamed the folder and edited the info file without changing the filename. This seemed to create a working child theme.

I have moved sections around and added some wrapping divs but but I've checked and this line is intact.

I have created a header grid with a container of width 12 and with a header first and had her last also of width 12.

In the code however no twits are being assigned to the sections and the code appears as such


can you attempt to repost the code?? There's not much here to go on.

Sorry my code was stripped out when I posted.


        <?php if($header_first || $header_last): ?>
        <div id="menu-container"  class="clearfix">
          <div id="header-regions" class="container-<?php print $header_wrapper_width; ?> clear-block">
            <?php if($header_first): ?>
                <div id="header-first" class="<?php print $header_first_classes; ?>">
                <?php print $header_first; ?>
                </div><!-- /#header-first -->
            <?php endif; ?>
            <?php if($header_last): ?>
              <div id="header-last-wrapper">
                 <div id="header-last" class="<?php print $header_last_classes; ?>">
                <?php print $header_last; ?>
              </div><!-- /#header-last -->
            <?php endif; ?>
          </div><!-- /#header-regions -->
        </div>  <!-- /#menu-container -->
        <?php endif; ?>
out puts this
<div class="container-12 clear-block" id="header-regions">
                            <div class="" id="header-first">
                                <div class="block block-menu" id="block-menu-primary-links">
  <div class="content">
    <ul class="menu"><li class="leaf first last"><a title="My Test Link" href="http://globalpost_dev3/">Test Link</a></li>
</ul>  </div>
                </div><!-- /#header-first -->
                                      <div id="header-last-wrapper">
                 <div class="" id="header-last">
                <div class="block block-menu" id="block-menu-menu-sub-menu">
  <div class="content">
    <ul class="menu"><li class="leaf first"><a title="" href="http://globalpost_dev3/dispatch/afghanistan/100226/kabul-bombing">Test Page 1</a></li>
<li class="leaf last"><a title="Getting dumped on deployment" href="http://globalpost_dev3/dispatch/worldview/100212/deployment-military-relationship">Test Page 2</a></li>
</ul>  </div>
              </div><!-- /#header-last -->

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Okay, not positive right off the bat here...

I have added in the latest BETA-2 version a better README.txt in the starterkit and base theme that describes the basic steps to setup a sub-theme properly.

I think the MAIN thing to note is that in the copy of starterkit to open template.php AND theme-settings.php and search and replace for omega_starterkit and replace with your themes name.

This is critical in both locations. several functions need to reference the subtheme name to appropriately determine which theme settings to use. I will later implement a better way so that it's a little more clear.

function omega_starterkit_settings($saved_settings) {
// Get the default values from the .info file.
$subtheme_defaults = omega_theme_get_default_settings('omega_starterkit');
// Merge the saved variables and their default values.
  //$settings = array_merge($defaults, $saved_settings);
$form = array();
// Add the base theme's settings.
$form += omega_settings($saved_settings, $subtheme_defaults);
// Return the form
return $form;

Check your template.php and theme-settings.php for any references to omega_starterkit and replace those accordingly, and let me know if it still occurs.

This worked like a charm! Thanks for the clear instructions as well. See you tonight.

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Awesome! Marking as fixed.

Yes, I DO PLAN to finally make another NH meetup tonight! No excuses this time!

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