My theme’s style.css file is quickly growing into something monstrous. So I would like to break it apart into easy to manage, custom style sheets that control specific elements, such as type.css, color.css, graphics.css, etc. My question is:

How do I add (import) custom style sheets to my themes template.php file.

Is that a PHP function? What would that code look like?

All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi syquest,

to import your own styles into your theme put the following code into your template.php:

('type.css', $media = 'all');
theme_add_style('color.css', $media = 'all');
theme_add_style('graphics.css', $media = 'all');

and it should work.

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Danke schön for your suggestion, but it isn't working for me.

When I include the style h2 color: red in style.css the style applies to the output: all h2s are red.

However if I...

(1) remove that style from style.css;
(2) place it in a new file, type.css;
(3) then add the PHP code, as you suggest above, to template.php

... the resulting output contains blue h2s, their default color. What am I doing wrong?

I had to add a path...

('/themes/my_theme/type.css', $media = 'all');

...and now it works like a charm.