Last updated November 7, 2012.

Git can be integrated with your development environment using command-line tools, several 'front-ends' or GUIs, and integrated tools in some IDEs.

This section includes documentation to configure tools for use with and, where available, detailed directions for best-practice workflows using those tools.

Refer to Git interfaces, frontends, and tools for a comprehensive list maintained in the official Git Wiki, including graphical user interfaces (GUIs).


  1. Click "Edit" » "Preferences" » "Git" and choose "User Information"
  2. Enter your Full Name and E-mail address


  1. Click "Window" » "Preferences" » "Team" » "Git" » and choose "Configuration"
  2. Add your Full Name and E-mail address

Git Gui

  1. Click "Window" » "Edit" » "Options..."
  2. Add your Full Name and Email address


Linux (gtk+/GNOME)

  1. Install giggle-personal-details-plugin from your distribution's repository
  2. Click "Edit" » "Personal Details"
  3. Add your Full Name and Email address


Linux (gtk+/GNOME)

  1. Click on "Edit" » "Preferences" and choose "Configuration"
  2. Add your Full Name and Email address


I would like to recommend Gitx (,_frontends,_and_tools#GitX) for MacOS. Is more like a viewer and it won't help you much if you're trying to avoid the terminal, but if you move around the terminal and want to see a nice picture of your project, you just do gitx --all and Gitx will open and show you the project's log.


I added child pages for Tower and GitMac (now Sprout) several months ago, and these child pages have been removed. Can someone tell me why? These are excellent Git GUI apps for Mac. They were both in Beta at the time, but both are in full release now.

It would be really great if these pages could be restored so updates to them could be made on their official releases.

Thank you,

-Kelly Bell
twitter: @kelly, @gothamdrupal

Git tower for mac

I've been using it for a while now and I'm loving it. It is paying, but IMO it's good value for money :)

I recommend msysGit. Very easy to setup to download files from the sandboxes. I didn't create an account with git, just using it for cloning the sandbox git files. Instruction on how to set it up is here