After upgrading from beta2 to version 2.0 it saves fields from "Advanced options" of SingleFrame mode like this:
"field: value\nfield2: value" instead of "field: value", "field2: value" (see view source of js code generated)



that's how it should look what problem are you having?

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I got the same problem after the upgrade to Slideshow 2.0.
On FF 3.6 only the first parameter set on the "Advanced options" box is working, all other parameters are ignored.
On IE 8 no paramter set will work.

Can you first upgrade to 2.1 and then if possible link to a site that is having the problem or send me the settings javascript output that can be found in the source of your page?

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sorry for the late response.

I've managed to fix the problem which seemed to be an iteration variable that got overwritten in the
views_slideshow.js file (calling the IsNumeric() function).

This was the primary cause for a for loop just executing 1 iteration only, and all other additional
advanced parameters where just ignored.

here is a patch to fix this problem.

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Thanks L3X that was a good catch. I changed the patch up to declare the variable in the function so that it is local. Can you please test the attached patch.


I've tested the patch and it works just fine.
For both Slide shows, singlefram- and thumbnailhover-slideshow.
I'd say it's fixed.

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this has been committed.

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