I'm using "Automatically generate the title and hide the title field" to set the titles of my content_profile user profiles. I set the pattern to be to the two CCK fields I want to be called in (first and last names) for the title. I saved and then checked out the profile. Nope, the original username title is still showing! How can I correct this?



I'm having a similar problem. The node title is hidden on the creation/edit form. However, it is showing on the actual node display. Anyone find out a way around this?

Same problem also.

Anyone fix this yet?

Any thoughts?

same problem here. It was working fine and recently it started happening on content profile creation and on update it calculate the token, and everything works fine.

Me too - it was working just fine, and then it stopped working.

It has something to do with tokens, I replaced with php code and it's working fine.

I was actually using php code that was working before. What's working for me now is to update the title with a triggered rule. It's a little more work but it does the trick!

Same problem. 'Automatically generate the title and hide the title field', token 'Pattern for the title' is not working and just shows the actual tokens instead of the replacement pattern. I.e it shows [node:field-company-details:field_client_job_description] and not the 'actual' replacement desciption

The same here. I've to manually save the node (profile) to get title updated.

#7 and #8 can you post more information?

Version:6.x-1.x-dev» 7.x-1.x-dev

Same problem here.

Component:User interface» Code
Priority:Normal» Major

bumping this up to major as the module does not seem to work as intended without this functionality

Same here. Very weird. This is a site built on Commerce Kickstart — I wonder if some other module is interfering with Auto Nodetitle.

My pattern is [node:field-first-name] [node:field-last-name] and my setting is Automatically generate the title and hide the field. The title does get generated after save, but the title isn't hidden and you can't save the node without entering something since the title field is required.