I'm trying to create inside the main part of a views slideshow page display using thumbnailhover.
Following the link's instruction does indeed create a singleframe slideshow block in every node page, but it can't (obviously) find node nid inside the views main display itself, how can I give the selected thumbnail's nid to the block so it can start working?

It'd be a nice addition to have a slideshow option for imagefields inside views thumbnailhover main.

Is there any other way to achieve this?


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Either that, or enabling the block to get the nid from inside a lightbox :(

please heeeelp

I don't understand your problem clearly.
Let me identify better your problem by asking some questions:

You have a views thumbnailhover slideshow, right?
You want to display a "singleframe slideshow" inside of the MainFrame, right?
You want to pass the argument (nid) from the thumbnail to the "SingleFrame slideshow", right?

If so, you have to create 2 views slideshows:

  • One slideshow will display the images attached to the node using SingleFrame.
    This slideshow will have configured the "nid" argument.
  • The second slideshow is a thumbnailhover slideshow.
    It will have 3 fields:
    First field is nodeId (exclude it from display).
    The second field is the field which will be use for thumbnails (check this field in the breakouts section of VSS style configuration)
    The third field is a PHP field (check this field in the mainframe section of VSS style configuration).
    Inside of this php field you have to use the following code:
    = '...'; // views SingleFrame name
    $display_id = '...'; // views SingleFrame display id
    $myArgs = $data->nid; //the argument Node ID which will be passed to the SingleFrame view
    print views_embed_view($viewName, $display_id, $myArgs);

    To use PHP field install this module first: module.

If the singleframe slideshow won't work due to some JavaScript problems, consult this page please: (Unfortunatly, i can't provide any help related to the JavaScript problem.)

Good luck, hope it will help!

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Thanks for your answer...

Tried what you suggested and could not make it work...
here are my doubts:

1. Does the thumbnailhover view need to be created after the singleframe?
2. What are the settings for singleframe's nid argument. They're currently set to provide "node id from url" if argument is not present... I'm pretty sure I have this part wrong, but am not sure how to set it right.

Anyway, I'm kinda stuck here.

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1. Does the thumbnailhover view need to be created after the singleframe?

Create a thumbnailhover views slideshow.
add 3 fields:
1) first field is nid. Exclude it from display.
2) second field is the Image which will be used for thumbnails.
3) the third field will contain your "singleframe slideshow". The singleframe slideshow will be embeded using PHP field provided by Views Custom Field module.
But, to put your singleframe slideshow inside of your field, you need to create it (the singleframe slideshow) firstly.

That's why, in my previous post, i suggest to create the singleframe slideshow firstly.

2. What are the settings for singleframe's nid argument. They're currently set to provide "node id from url" if argument is not present... I'm pretty sure I have this part wrong, but am not sure how to set it right.

see attached 3 files.

add the nid argument to your singleframe slideshow. configure it as shown on the image.
do not touch the "Argument input" settings under "Pane settings"
it relates to your thumbnailhover slideshow.
slideshow example.jpg
are you trying to create something similar to this image?

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Do you have any image which can show your idea in more details?
I am not sure that i understand your problem very well.

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If I understand your example, you get my exact idea :)
just to be sure, here's a preview of how I'd like it to work.
So far, I've managed to make both parts work separately (hence, I could make the attached photoshopism).

Anyway, I set singleframe's nid argument as your image shows... but haven't found the options you show in the thumbnail part. Are you using any additional modules?

Thanks for all your attention.

PS: Should I set this back to active everytime I reply? or just leave it like this?

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Back to active. I usually skip over it if it's set to postponed. That's about all I got to say about this issue right now. sorry :)

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So, I've been studying what you suggest and the problem may be in the way I applied the php.
Attached images show my settings.

@#9 hallaathrad

but haven't found the options you show in the thumbnail part. Are you using any additional modules?

it's because i added a "Content pane" to my views. You instead added a "Page" or a "block" display.
you can ignore this settings since you don't need to pass an argument to the "thumbnailhover slideshow."

@#11 hallaathrad
"slideshow_nid-argument.png" - it seems to be ok.

"thumbnailhover_php.png" - i think display id is wrong.
to check this, go to your singleframe view and press export.
search for "$handler = $view->new_display("
and you will find something like this:
$handler = $view->new_display('block', 'taxocatalog', 'block_1');
In this case, block_1 (block_2 and so on) is the displayID.

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Thus, what I did was changing said php to "print views_embed_view('slideshow', 'block_2', $data->nid);" after verifying block_2 to be the right value... and it's still not working.
What could I be doing wrong? Am I missing something?
Attached my thumbnailhover's fields, just to be sure on that part.

test page:

your thumbnailhover fields are ok.
i can't see what's wrong now.
if you want, send me the authentification data for your website (use drupal contact form).
I will log in and try to help directly on your website.

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i would check the following:
1) is the thumbnail hover slideshow working well without the php field?
(go to slideshow settings and check another field for your MainFrame. Save and Run the view.)
2) is the singleframe slideshow working alone? (without thumbnailhover)
to check this, add it to a Panel and add the argument manually.
View the panel. If the images are sliding then the slideshow works fine.

if both slideshows are working well, then the problem may be with the:
a) php code
b) argument settings inside of the singleframe slideshow.

check 1 and 2 and let me know your results.

Marking as postponed. Set back to active when you reply.
Be sure to have the 2.2 or the latest dev of VSS installed. I remember that i had some problems last month when i tried to display VSS together with Views Pager.

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Data sent, please let me know of your findings. :(

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@#17 hallaathrad
so, the problem was with the wrong views name inside of the phpfield.
this is the correct code:

print views_embed_view('products', 'block_2', $data->nid);

next time, when you need to find the correct views name, display id and so on, go to you views and press export. you will find all what you need there.

after configuring a little bit your slideshow, you can see it in action here:

about the configuration
I have seen that you embeded a "singleframe with pagers" slideshow into a Thumbnailhover slideshow.
But when i run it i saw that it's hard to style the pagers (don't remember exactly the problem).
So, i switched the "singleframe with pager" slideshow to a ThumbnailHover slideshow.
I created a new Imagecache presset for you thumbnails. And add it to your thumbnailhover slideshow.
After saving the view i saw another problem. Starting with the second slide, the thumbnails are shown behind the mainframe.
To show them below the mainframe, i added a height to your mainframe, thus the thumbnails are forced to go down.
here's the css (add it to your css file)

.view-display-id-block_2  .views_slideshow_thumbnailhover_main {
  height: 384px;

I think we can mark as fixed this issue.
Because, we achieved to embed a VSSThumbnailhover view inside of another VSSthumbnailhover view.
If you think so too, change the status please.

Added later. Some things to clarify for users which haven't read all the messages

We have embeded a ThumbnailsHover slideshow (1) into another Thumbnailhover slideshow(2).
And we passed an argument from (2) to (1). It works! See the youtube video for more details

Now, we will try substitute the (1) with a Singleframe slideshow which will use pagers for navigation.

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Wow Excellent! @intyms or @hallathrad could I get one of you to write up step by step how you did this and add it to our documentation? Just add a child page here:

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Indeed, kudos to @intyms.
So, here's the update:

I went back to "singleframe with thumbnail pagers" just to find out what the problem is... for those who would like to know, the problem is that only the first slide shows the big image, and I think it's somehow related to what @intyms mentions as a need to add some css. Something wrong happens from the second slide.
I will look into it more in depth and will come back with my results.

@redndahead: If @intyms agrees, I'll write the step by step on all this, as soon as I figure out the problem (and solve it if possible).
Dunno if this is the way they do thing here in drupal, but I'll just assign this to me so I don't forget.

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@#20 hallaathrad

"the problem is that only the first slide shows the big image

yes, this is the problem. however i don't think that the problem can be solved by css.

i ask redndahead to help a little bit here.
Attached is a small description of the problem.
Also, please have a look at:

@#20 hallaathrad
by the way, if you use thumbnailhover slideshow (together with the CSS code from #18) instead of the SingleFrame slideshow, you will receive the desired result (as it is shown in the youtube video).
If i understand you correctly, you want to achieve the same thing with SingleFrame slideshow + pagers.
Am i right?


If @intyms agrees, I'll write the step by step on all this, as soon as I figure out the problem (and solve it if possible)

Yes i totally agree. My English is bad so it is very hard to create good description. I need very much time to compose difficult phrases. So, i will be very happy if you can do this. If you need any help from me, just let me know.

to all.
Some of my phrases sound aggressive (they aren't so gentle as they could be). That's because of my Bad English. In reality i don't intend to write aggressive phrases and so on :)

Can you recreate the page ? Now it's inaccessible.
I hope redndahead can look at it and help to solve the problem.

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will do as soon as I recreate the whole view... deleted it by mistake (that button should be addressed as interface problem.. has happened to me 4 times already in the last months)


ok, thanks. by the way, here's an issue related to delete button. #738792: The update button is really close to the delete button

nah, the problem lies in the same ol' "drupal is not user friendly" discussion...
It should be fixed as standards suggest... complete button label. (Something along 'delete view 'products'', in my particular case).
but that's another discussion LOL

well the problem has been solved... I used SingleFrame as a phpfield, added other fields as usual.
to solve the problem with second slides, just set transition effect to none... must be some sort of bug in its code.

anyway, it's now accesible via

Thank you all. I'll be documenting all this a.s.a.p.

Edit: As for the CSS part, the problem was a float:left for the big picture, leaving the thumbs behind it. 'clear' fixed it.

i see that the pagers are appearing with a big delay.
try clicking on different thumbnails and you will see this too.

yesterday, playing with you site i had the same problem.
it appeared when i did the following actions:
"i have ovverided the position absolute using css file (jQuery cycle sets the position:absolute to some of it's elements).
so each time when you click on a thumbnail, vss rotates the slides and sets position:absolute to some of it's elements.
then, the CSS is applied overriding this position."
I solved the problem by leaving the "position" as is and adding a fixed height to .views_slideshow_thumbnailhover_main.

try playing with your CSS, maybe you have a similar problem.

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Marking as fixed.

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