The arrows to expand and collapse the token groups are placed almost entirely outside the border line in the help section.

They are also pointing down when the token group is collapsed. When you click on the them the group expands, but the arrow disappears.

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Open to a patch. :)

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Turned out that the arrow-right.png was corrupt.

Then just swap place for line 20 and 24 in jquery.treeTable.css and the arrows are working properly.

Haven't been able to solve the position issue though, CSS is not really my strong side...

What do you mean by "Then just swap place for line 20 and 24 in jquery.treeTable.css and the arrows are working properly."?

Committed a fixed version of the arrow-right to CVS.

Its just that the arrows point in the wrong direction. Down arrow used for collapsed and right arrow used for expanded. Its just a matter of switching place for them on line 20 and 24 and they will point in the right direction.

new681 bytes

Here is a patch to correct the arrows to point in the right direction.

Let me know if this patch is correctly done, its the first one I have done :)

I actually disagree. I think its more logical to display a right arrow when it's collapsed to point out that there are more items "inside" this item. Down arrow for when it's expanded. Mac OS Finder uses the right arrow to indicate a folder.

I'm with you on that, and my patch is doing that. Without the patch, collapsed is showing a down arrow and expanded a right arrow.

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Oh man, how did I completely miss that??? :) Committed the CSS fix and also a new arrow-down.png because I have had problems with trying to use /misc/arrow-desc.png.

Well, travel to Jamaica might have confused you a little I guess :) Glad we could sort it out.

Have fun in the sun.

Hi there -

I was looking at the D7 Token example from the Examples project and got tripped up with the lack of arrows. Although I was specifically looking at Examples to see how I could participate, I assume that the same would be true of all the other bits of Drupal that might leverage the token tree browser.

As I can see above, this has now been fixed for the dev version. Of course we could just download the dev version...but that sort of defeats the purpose of a soft landing for the new user in the examples module.

Is there a timeline for the next recommended release of Token for D7? If not, should we document the missing bit of UI for the examples mod? What's the best way to smooth out that usability bump?

Yes I'm planning on a coordinated release of token and pathauto for all versions this week.

Awesome! Thx.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.