I used this module combined with the Better Exposed Filters module to turn multiple selects into checkboxes.

When I tested in IE it wasn't working. I had a look at the JS file at views_hacks/views_filters_autosubmit/views_filters_autosubmit.js and found that the form was submitting on the change() event for the form elements.

change() does not work on checkboxes - http://api.jquery.com/change/

The change event is sent to an element when its value changes. This event is limited to elements, boxes and elements.

So I had to modify this file and use bind('click change') to cover both scenarios.

Attached is a patch



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Your patch causes select filters to auto-submit when they are clicked, which is not desired. Furthermore, the documentation that you point to explicitly mentions checkboxes as being supported:

For select boxes, checkboxes, and radio buttons, the event is fired immediately when the user makes a selection with the mouse...

So what's needed is a patch for IE specifically, if any.


Had the same problem with radio buttons in IE.
Just added

$('div.views-exposed-widget .form-radios input'+exceptions, self).click(function() {

And it's working fine now.

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I'm using Better Exposed Filters too and I have the same issue in IE.

A short solution is to fireing CLICK event instead of CHANGE only in input (NOT SELECT!!!) elements.

In your views_filters_autosubmit.js (6.x-1.0-beta1) simply change this code:

    $('div.views-exposed-widget input'+exceptions, self).change(function() {
    $('div.views-exposed-widget select'+exceptions, self).change(function() {

With this:

    $('div.views-exposed-widget input'+exceptions, self).click(function() {
    $('div.views-exposed-widget select'+exceptions, self).change(function() {

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I committed a fix in the latest release. Please test (12 hours from now for the dev release to refresh or by pulling from CVS DRUPAL-6--1 directly) and let me know!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.