Is there a way to have a download function in the explorer the user can see in his profile?


subscribe. Important feature for me, and it is just a new link...changing the preview link in a downloadable link.

Subscribing. If no one is working on this already, I may be able to do it next week.

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Subscribe. I am surprised it is not already in.

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This patch should do the trick. You will have to update after applying the patch to add the download perm to current profiles. It assumes current profiles cannot download from any directory so we don't mysteriously give new permissions to users. You'll have to add the appropriate download perm to directories in the profiles you want to be able to download. This includes admin profiles.

I've also provided an 'un-update' which removes download from all profiles in case you want to undo the changes. (You still need to backup your db first!) To use it, uncomment imce_update_7003() in imce.install and run update.php again. Don't forget to revert the files after you're done, or there will be ugly errors.

Also, I'm sure there is a better one, but I included a download icon from here: The license is "Free for commercial use".

Hit me up with questions and comments.

have a question, where is the patch. Thanks


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I hope to encounter Zen's patch soon :-)

I also hope to see this soon, this would put the icing on the cake, all tho I have tripped over a work around that will
"Force Files to Download Instead of Showing Up in the Browser via extension type".
Please see this page : - Force Files to Download Instead of Showing Up in the Browser

pls attach the patch
I think this feature is a must for the IMCE module. Normal navigators don't know that much how to set the browser for downloading some file types.

I use in D6. Perhaps there is some module ready for copy&pasting the functionality to IMCE?

How embarrassing!
I am incredibly sorry, but I cannot find this code anywhere. The site I thought I was using it for doesn't have it. Seems likely since I already wrote it once, I can do it again relatively quickly though. I'm looking at it now.

Hi, do you have any news about the patch?

subscribing .
looking forward to using the download feature.
thanx for taking the time to implement it - hopefully soon. ;)

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Is there an update for the download function? I'm using 7.21 and I don't see a button or link.


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