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Once you have created a webform, you can "design" the form by re arranging the fields in the form using Arrange Fields module.

This module lets you to drag-and-drop the fields into place.

Before Installation

This module requires the following modules to be installed:
* CCK or Webform
* jQuery UI
jQuery UI module requires jQuery UI plugin to be downloaded from

See the Arrange Fields full handbook page for more detailed help installing jQuery UI.

Important Note:
Currently this module only supports the use of JQuery UI 1.6.


* download latest tarball from
* untar in your sites /sites/modules/ directory
* go to admin/build/modules
* Check "Arrange Fields"
* Save


After the module is installed, try editing any webform created. You will be able to find a new tab by name "Arrange Fields". On clicking the arrange fields tab, you will be able to see drag and drop canvas for the webform.

After arranging the fields in the canvas as required,you can save the layout of the webform.

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