After completing a mini panel I can't be able to go back and edit it to add more content. Is this a bug?



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Please tell me what you mean by can't? Without details I am forced to assume that pink elephants dressed up as gay police strippers are somehow preventing you from clicking the edit link on the mini panel. =)

lol, yes I see the edit link but I can only change the name of the mini panel and not say - define a region in the mini panel or add more content to regions.

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There are some links above those setting. Layout, context. They look too much like a breadcrumb trail right now,b ut they're clickable.

Ok I see them, but when I click content I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::render() in /home/dod/public_html/modules/panels/panels.module on line 1013

Where is the fix for this? I don't see a patch.

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im getting the same error and see no fix here so setting as active again

That is very interesting. That piece of code is not actually *supposed* to get called when editing a mini panel.

If one of you happens to be running devel.module and Views can you please, just before the failing line in panels.module add this:

if (method_exists($display, 'render')) { vsm_trace(); }

And then paste the results here?


I did this:

if (method_exists($display, 'render')) { vsm_trace(); }

and got nothing.


I added that line on 1013, nothing is displayed on the edit content page, just blank. however if i load the edit basic settings of the minipanel it gives:

panels_mini.module: panels_render_display line 79 call_user_func_array line 462 module_invoke line 581 context_block_list line 444 call_user_func_array line 656 theme line 1820 call_user_func_array line 697
index.php: theme line 36

dunno if that helps since thats not where the error is though =/

Sorry, I typo'd my code.

It should be if (!method_exists)

The die() shouldn't happen. vsm_trace() puts its info in drupal_set_message.

Same, blank page, no message, error moved to line 1014

Ok, there must be something wrong. Let's try it this way:

if (!method_exists($display, 'render')) { print_r(debug_backtrace()); exit; }

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hmm, lots of output, i'll just screenshot the whole view for you


Does that help or do you need more information from me?

Thanks for the help

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Yes that output is helpful.

From the output it appears that the mini panel you're editing is also appearing on the page in the blocks, and the one being displayed in the block is failing.

This may be a bit of a pain for me to reproduce but I have an idea how to fix it. Try this patch to CTools (NOT to Panels! =)

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Still the same error.
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::render() in panels/panels.module on line 1013

doing this made it editable but not sure if its breaking anything else

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Ok, let's mark this a dup as they are clearly the same issue. I think we're narrowing in on the culprit. I'm surprised my solution did not work, though. I will have to duplicate and see what is missing.

The breadcrumb menu really confused me as well.

woah this got me crazy for a good while!
They do look like breadcrumbs. The standard layout of tabs or just a horizontal list would be better.

They do look like breadcrumbs. The standard layout of tabs or just a horizontal list would be better.

Definitely yes, this left my scratching my head for a while...

@merliln (#3): Thanks for the clarification, anyway!

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wow! its 2012 now and it still looks like breadcrumbs!
somebody should fix it!

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From a user perspective these » symbols read like a breadcrumb bar, not a series of separate links.

I agree, the menu looks like breadcrumbs, no wonder Hansel and Gretel got lost!

I too am here because I had problems figuring how to edit minipanels (which I never use). Those links should look like tabs, not breadcrumbs.

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