I just stumbled on this theme. Very slick looking theme and built in AF support? That's cool! :)



I was actually just about to buy the theme (i was doubitng between this amdn omniforce, which also looks very slick and i might use on another site)..
Then i saw its available for free from the theme creator!

Still going to purchase the Ultra edition, since its only $20 now :):)

Believe me, the $20 is well worth the investment. Michelle, it's only compatible with AF 1.x series, but good news, once AF 2.0 is out of beta, he's going to update his theme.

Can't wait! Your forum + his theme = Awesome.

It's unfortunate that there's such a big jump in styles between 1.x and 2.x but I really needed to break backwards compatibility to make it the best it could be. Glad to hear it will be updated. I expect there to be a lot of people moving to 2.x once it gets out of alpha. The two branches are really like night and day. I can't even stand working on 1.x anymore. LOL!


uses someone feverultra?
I would like to see a screenshot of color: black + green. Unfortunately there isn't a screenshot of the page http://www.antsin.com/en/drupal-theme-sport-feverultra
please help!

uses someone feverultra?