I have installed this the way the documentation suggests, it has created a key file. I have set permission for administrator to access and view passwords, and set it to make a collapsable box and a separate page... I do not see anything come up when I go to admin/users and pull their profiles.. Where do we go to view these? A little more clarification in the documentation please!


Never mind.. it's finally showing up..

Could it be that the users whos passwords you were trying to view had not logged in again since you activated the module? You won't see anything on the profile page if this module hasn't had the chance to capture and store that particular users password yet (which it can do only at the moment a user logs in).

I agree that it might be better to instead display a notice of why a particular users password can't be viewed, rather than to just not show anything at all. I might change that in a future release.

It was just taking time chewing on them was all.. decrypting them.. All is fine now. This is a great feature that the main site admin should have anyhow, so that in cases where you have to rebuild the database, you can at least merge their records in, and verify their passwords are correct. I had this scenerio play out before, and I managed to salvage all their data except the passwords somehow got corrupted.

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I've installed this module regarding the Readme File. I've added the phpSeclib library and gave permission for admin to view password.

But when I triy (with my account) to logout and then login as suggested password are not showing in my account page.

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Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

Don't know why and how but it finally show password.