Having a small problem with displaying RSS feeds. In Views, I have attached an RSS feed to both the page and view version of a view. However, when I look at the page, it won't display the link to the RSS feed at the bottom. With Zero Point and Garland I have no issues, but with Danland/Danblog, it won't display the icon at the bottom of the view. Any idea what is causing this?


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The Danland default RSS is at the top (login/register). You will not find any RSS feed at the bottom except using block.

You can re-open this if the RSS is not shown at the top :)


Hello Dan,

No RSS icon is appearing anywhere, that I can see. Also, I should be clear that the feed icon I was looking for should be attached to the view, not the bottom of the page, as I am looking to have view-specific RSS feeds, not just an overall feed for the site. However, if you can help me with that, maybe the other things will fall into place.

I should add that the RSS icon shows up when I am previewing the view in edit mode, but not when I am browsing the page on the site.

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Its strange. Okay I'll postponed this first, need more info regarding this.


I've been running into the same issue on one of my sites. www.vaprz.com . I haven't made any mods to the RSS feed since I started building the site a few months ago. I can't for the life of me remember if it was ever showing up or not. I'm not picky about where it shows up... in the URL or next to login boxes.... I'm happy with any option. I looked at your instructions on how to remove it but I never made any modifications to that mentioned file. Guess I'll go take a look though and report back...... IF there's any additional information I can throw your way, as in... what do you need to see that might help... let me know. Love the theme.... looks great.


I managed to get the RSS icon to show by placing the view inside of a panel. For anyone looking for a quick workaround while the project manager looks into this, that might be worthwhile.

Hey Nathan,
I wish that had worked. The homepage of Vaprz.com is actually made with a panel, and the banner graphic that is part of Danland. So... unfortunately that fix won't work for me... I think. If you run across anything else please let me know.


Do you mean it doesn't work for you, or you can't put your view into a panel? You should still be able to create a mini-panel or something and stick that into your homepage as a block.

Hey Nathan..... I mean the homepage of the site is already built using a panel.... in other words i'm already using the technique you have described. Unfortunately it doesn't flip on the RSS icon that's supposed to appear where the log in info is on the top right of the page.

Hi, I'm using Views 2 and made a new View which consists of a block, a page, and a feed. The feed icon never shows up in the page View, however it does appear at the bottom of the block (not what I want).

I tried every combination I could think of and still no icon. So I opted for a manual solution: since the feed can have a custom URL attached to it (news/rss in my case) then I manually wrote HTML code for an icon with a link pointing to that URL and used it as the page View's header (could be footer if you like).

I still don't know why the icon doesn't show up on its own, but in the meantime this seemed like an easy and effective workaround.

Under "Feed Settings" on your feed display, select click "Attach to" and select Page. This will put the RSS icon on your page view, at the bottom for me.

Version:6.x-2.0» 7.x-1.0

I have put in the css to block the presentation of the Icon in the header. I may have to unblock that because of the following.

I want the icon for the feed to be closer to the actual content, so I have been trying to figure out how to have the same link/icon available in the content area preferably before the page title. I have tried to make some header available and to put something in the field like

!a class="feed-icon" title="Subscribe to News Releases" href="/?q=aboutus/news/feed">
!img width="16" height="16" alt="Subscribe to News Releases" src="http://mySite.com/misc/feed.png">

I tried to put this in a global test area on the page the feed is attached to but no icon displays.

Can I put an Icon and link somewhere in the content or am I limited to do it only the way Danland has it packaged in the upper right header region?

I also live the theme and have made most everything work that needs to be there. This is one of the last few customizations.

I got it. I first added a block that just had the HTML in it to make the image and link appear but was unsatisfactory.

Then I added a line of code in the page to write the feed-icon where I wanted it. To do this I added this line of code in the content area before the breadcrumb on the page.

print $feed_icons;

Works as I wanted it now.

If I wanted to simply add my own RSS icon wherever I want, how would I determine the correct link to add to the image? My understanding of RSS is that I have a url that will allow people to sign up for my syndication feed -- anyone know?

Posted by KingMoore on June 5, 2012 at 11:48pm

Under "Feed Settings" on your feed display, select click "Attach to" and select Page. This will put the RSS icon on your page view, at the bottom for me.

Ahh, this worked perfectly for me, exactly what I was looking to do-- thanks KingMoore!