How would I use this module with my Webforms, to verify a visitor's email is valid?

I have a couple contact webforms (quick contact and full contact) on many of my sites. I'd *love* to not need to use a CAPTCHA. Both of these forms require an email address from the visitor. Is there a way to utilize your email address checking together with the Webform to prevent spammers using my Contact forms (or other Webforms)?



it would be interessting for me as well, if we can use that module with webform in any easy way. Has anybody knowing how it would work?


Title:Integration with other modulesCan I use this module with Webform?

A general approach should integrate this module with most popular modules that use email addresses, including:
- Contact (core module)
- Comment (see #458758: Verify email-adresses in guest comments
- Webform.module
- Email_field (CCK)

Title:Can I use this module with Webform?Integration with other modules
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Title:Can I use this module with Webform?Integration with other modules

Let's add Print_Mail from the Print module to handle "Email a friend."

I've already submitted a patch for comments in #458758: Verify email-adresses in guest comments; it would help if others would review it (and mark it RTBC).

Hmm, it appears any form can be integrated with something like: $form['fld_form_addr']['#element_validate'][] = 'email_verify_edit_validate'; I can't test at the moment because PHP in Windoze doesn't like to send email.

especially integration with the webform module would be greatly appreciated!

That would be an issue for the Webform module. Refer them to this issue.

Title:Integration with other modulesIntegration with other modules (especially webform and simplenews)

I did a while ago, but the answer given by the webform maintainer has a lot of merit:

It seems that the usability of email_verify would be greatly enhanced if the email verification would include

  • email field from webform
  • newsletter_email field from webform_simplenews

How could we go about this and how can I help (not being great at php, maybe testing)?

Or should this be a separate module? But then there would be an eternal compatibility issue?

I could try to propose a patch ...

maybe a patch along the lines of and

Status:Active» Needs work

Regarding integration with simplenews, the problem emanating from the simplenews module because it incorrectly interprets the result returned by email_verify_check.

I have posted a patch provided by Mr3T for simplenews here:

Webform Validation provides validation services to the Webform module. Here is a patch for Webform Validation to integrate Email Verify #1131328-7: Email validation

The original poster's problem could also be solved by

What about to make it compatible with cck email field?