I have installed the nivo slider and it works when Im logged in, however when I logout and refresh the page is disappears, when I look at the code, it appears that what happens is that the code is still there but the URL to the image is incomplete (it shows the path but is missing the filenames).

I saw there was an issue with someone using PNGs, I am using them as well ad wondering if this is the same or a different issue

All help is greatly appreciated in advance


You probably didnt set permitions to view field for anonymous users...

access is unrestricted and access all views is checked under anonymous

EDIT: Fixed, imagecache permissions have to be set

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It was an anonymous role access permission.
Whenever we create a new CCK field we have to set the view permission to anonymous users, if they want to see the content.
Issue is fixed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Got the same problem, but the solution in #2 and #3 doesn't solve my problem.

Any other suggestions?