Please, find below two patches implementing missing hook_uninstall to clear system variables.


Title:system variables are not uninstalledhook_install() implementation to delete HS' variables are not implemented
Priority:Normal» Minor
Status:Active» Fixed

Thanks! Committed, after I made some changes to your patch (there were some minor mistakes).

Title:hook_install() implementation to delete HS' variables are not implementedhook_install() implementations to delete HS' variables are missing

Version:6.x-3.3» 6.x-3.4
Priority:Minor» Critical
Status:Fixed» Needs work

This patch breaks hierarchical_select.install - it adds a new hierarchical_select_uninstall() but there already exists one so PHP throws a fatal error when trying to redeclare it.

Status:Needs work» Fixed


@dimi_did: epic fail of you for not testing your code at all. Epic fail of me for not reviewing it carefully enough.

HS 3.5 release will be out in a couple of minutes.

Title:hook_install() implementations to delete HS' variables are missinghook_uninstall() implementations to delete HS' variables are missing

And the title was *still* wrong. Another fail. Meh.

@Wim Leers #4: dimi_did patch was developed against 6.x-3.3 for which it works perfectly. I was ready to submit the fix for 6.x-3.4, but you seem to be about to release 6.x-3.5, so I'll pass my turn.

@benoit.borrel: False. I applied it to 3.3 and that was part of 3.4. It's what broke 3.4, since hook_uninstall() was already implemented.

@Wim Leers: sorry but, according to:

there were no hook_uninstall() implemented yet in 6.x-3.3.

dimi_did and I had pair developed and tested the patches for 6.x-3.3 and we didn't get any PHP fatal error for function redefinition. Next time we will provide the tests too.

Absolutely. Wim, we are sorry about that but we tested it successfully with 6.x-3.3 release. Happy if it's working well now ;-) !

In that case, completely my bad. My apologies!

@wim leers: epic confusion. lol. thanks anyway wim.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

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