If you wish to display the Druplicon on your Drupal website, you can use the following buttons, with a link to drupal.org.

Official buttons

Blue, small 'Powered by' button
Gray, small 'Powered by' button
Black, small 'Powered by' button

Blue, medium 'Powered by' button
Gray, medium 'Powered by' button
Black, medium 'Powered by' button

Blue, large 'Powered by' button
Gray, large 'Powered by' button
Black, large 'Powered by' button


Steal these Buttons 2

Steal These Buttons 1

3d small icon

Looks even more like the napster fellow


There are several other banners hosted on other sites that you might find appealing.

If you have more, please feel free to submit them to the contributions repository.