Just upgraded to 1.10 and no longer have a newline between the links under the image. I'm using Lightbox2 as slideshow with the "Gallery Assist" module. You can see an example here.

#14 gallery_assist_module_copyright_symbol.patch620 bytesjcmc


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I can't reproduce this locally with imagefields, image, etc, but make sure you ran update.php after updating the module. I don't have a Gallery Assist installation to test with. However Gallery Assist integration is not supported by the Lightbox2 module - the integration is done within Gallery Assist, so if there is a problem with that module and no others, you should re-assign this issue to that issue queue.

Project:Lightbox2» Gallery Assist
Version:6.x-1.10» 6.x-1.15
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OK, I have assigned the issue to Gallery Assist's queue. I had no problems with previous versions of Lightbox2 - after updating it to 6.x-1.10 this problem occured. I did run the DB update.

Hello roball,

I think the right place is GA-Lightboxes. I will try to reproduce this issue and investigate which are the causes.

Juan Carlos

Project:Gallery Assist» Gallery Assist ImageCache
Version:6.x-1.15» 6.x-1.1

Hello roball,

Here the results of my investigation. You are right, after I have updated to lb2-1.10 I have the same issue as you.
The lightbo2 1.19 respect the send or formated data from others modules. I case of GA-Lightboxes are text as title, caption and download link.
The lb2 filter the html code, why? I don't know. Stella will have their reasons.

The causes of this issue are really the changes in the lightbox2 module. It does not matter, I find a solution for all GA users :-)

Juan Carlos

I've added an ID and a clear-block class to the download link.
the patchs are available at http://drupal.org/cvs?commit=426176.

the changes will be available in the dev version, today at 2 PM.

Juan Carlos

Thanks for the quick fix!

Will try the new Gallery Assist Lightboxes dev when it's rolled out.

Project:Gallery Assist ImageCache» Gallery Assist Lightboxes
Version:6.x-1.1» 6.x-1.3

filtering is being done to prevent XSS attacks. The next release will contain the ability to configure allowed tags - currently it's the default list from filter_xss() (see api docs).

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Hi stella,

It is not so bad, I know you have your reasosns and you see, the posted issue was solved with a class and I have added a ID to increment the css formating possibilities.

I think, one thing still missing: The fields should be separated by at least one space. To avoid the results mentioned here in case equal which filter find more as one items.

For me is the issue here (bug or not) fixed.
When you add the "allowed tags" feature to the lb2, it will be much better :-) and I can remove the hard coded class.

Thanks and regards
Juan Carlos

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I have now updated Gallery Assist Lightboxes to 6.x-1.x-dev (2010-Sep-23) and the newline after the "Go to image page" link is there again - Thanks.

However, the newline after the copyright information (the first of the 3 elements displayed under the image) is still missing. Juan, please click on the example link in my initial post above to see what I mean. It would also be nice to have a "©" displayed before the actual copyright text, as on hovering over the image.

Version:6.x-1.3» 6.x-1.x-dev

I was "zu schnell".

the fixes and adds are committed.

Thank you very much - Problem is fixed with Gallery Assist Lightboxes 6.x-1.x-dev (2010-Sep-24), and it looks nice again. good to see the © in front of the actual copyright text. When you hover over the thumbnail, you see "(c)" instead in front of the copyright text. I know this is not related to the original report, and I can open a feature request for this if you like. I think having © in both cases gives a more robust feeling, or just looks better.

new620 bytes

Yes I see this so as you.

Now I don't have the intention to commit right now a new release for GA or to the dev.

I less here a patch which replace the (c) from the copyright.

The allowed tags feature was added and released in lightbox2 6.x-1.11 earlier today.

Why didn't you include the patch from #14 to the recently released Gallery Assist 6.x-1.16?

Hello roball,

I can't give answer "why", I have added the patch and have published a new release. This release contain fixes to the module and install files.

I have visited your pages (Photo galleries Pretoria 2010) but as anonymous I can't see Photos, is this so correct?

If not, uncomment the commented part here and add it to your init hook.

* Implementation of hook_init().
function gallery_assist_init() {
$user, $language;
// Create the user gallery_assist directory if the user has the right permission.
$gallery_assist_paths[] = variable_get('gallery_assist_directory', file_directory_path() .'/gallery_assist');
$gallery_assist_paths[] = $user->uid;
  if (
file_check_directory($gallery_assist_paths[0], 1)) {
$gallery_assist_user_upload_path = implode('/', $gallery_assist_paths);
    if (!
is_dir($gallery_assist_user_upload_path)) {
$types = node_get_types();
      foreach (
$types as $v) {
        if (
user_access('create gallery_assist content') || user_access('create gallery_assist_'. $v->type .' content')) {
file_check_directory($gallery_assist_user_upload_path, 1);
$public = 0;
$privat = 1;
$public_for_all = 2;
  $types = gallery_assist_get_assignments(1);
  foreach (array_keys($types) as $type) {
    $query = "SELECT gid, data from {gallery_assist}";
    $result = db_query($query);
    while ($r = db_fetch_object($result)) {
      $r->data = unserialize($r->data);
      // Change here the desired status. See above the states.
      $r->data['ga_public_status'] = $public_for_all;
      $r->data = serialize($r->data);
      db_query("UPDATE {gallery_assist} SET data = '%s' WHERE gid = %d", $r->data, $r->gid);

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Dear Juan Carlos,

thank you for the 6.x-1.17 release containing this improvement.

it seems that while updating 6.x-1.15 to 6.x-1.16 the Gallery Public Status on all galleries changed from "public for all" to "public". I had to reset all to "public for all" and they are again visible to anonymous users.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.