Am I imagining this, or did older versions of the theme have View Editing Links as well as Block Editing links?



This should be there, have you checked the "Show block editing on hover" checkbox in the basic theme settings?

I miss also the View Editing Links. There is no checkbox for "Show block editing on hover" in Drupal 7...

media desktop, this is an issue for the 6.x branch. Unless couloir007 meant the 7.x branch? If so, we can change the tag. Otherwise media desktop; can you please make a new issue and tag this with the 7.x version? Although, I am having a look now and I have the block config links on blocks in basic. This is a part that is in D7 core I think.

Sorry, haven't seen it's 6.x. Your're right, in Drupal 7 it should be part of core. Block config links works perfect, but for views not always...

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This issue should be fixed now. Absence of title prefix in content region of page.tpl.php

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