The function definition uses $new_keys, but the parameters lists $keys_new.


Edit: I notice that the key is actually called $keys_new for Drupal 7. My report is in reference to the Drupal 6 documentation.

Good catch. Probably the doc was ported from D7 and someone forgot to change the parameter name.

Title:Documentation problem with db_add_fielddb_add_field documentation has wrong parameter name
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good project for a novice doc contributor

Is that a hint? :D

Sure. :)

We have this "Novice" tag to mark issues that are good for newbies, or for anyone who wants a quick project to do. If you'd like to do this one, please do. Just assign it to yourself, make a patch, attach it, and change the status to Needs Review.

This problem looks fixed on the docs page. Does that mean this issue can be closed?

I'm just getting started contributing, btw, so please correct me if I missed something obvious.

It doesn't look fixed to me on that page.

The Parameters section has the parameter name $keys_new, but the function itself uses $new_keys.

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...I am not having a good day today, am I. Well, here's a patch.

Patch formatting is not OK, wrong file names at top

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Regenerated with git.

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thanks, that looks fine

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Committed, thanks.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.