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What are you trying to accomplish with this patch?

The logic is wrong with your version. This patch would return a boolean value for the format instead of the format id which would break the system.

Another thing to note is that that line of code is pulled directly from CCK so if it does not work here there is another issue at play.

$element['#default_value'][$filter_key] was not set so it is throwing a notice. $filter_key = 'format' in this case. Run with pressflow as it is very verbose in terms of error reporting.

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

I use Pressflow with all my installs and have never seen this issue. There is more than that involved along with the fact like I said that the patch would not work but only cause more issues and that the code comes directly from CCK I am inclined to mark this as not reproducible.

If you can create some steps to produce off a base site please reopen.

i added better_formats to an existing pressflow install and starting having this fill up my watchdog table. afaik, all i did was enable the module, set the permissions, and set a default input format for 1 content type.

@mikeytown2 -- did you ever track this down and resolve it?

Pretty sure we use the patch in #1 on production. Give it a try, report back here how it functions for you.

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thanks for the fast reply mikeytown2 -- patched fixed it for me too and I haven't seen any ill effects yet. Reopening since there seems to be a legit issue here.

#1: I was having the same problem (no default_value for format was available). Your patch fixes it for me.


Status:Active» Needs review

Status:Needs review» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I still have not been able to reproduce this in any of my installs. As noted above, the patch would create more problems than it solves if the format is not found so I am not inclined to include it without a proper fix for whatever is causing this.

Postponing till the root cause is found.