So other modules can tell where their custom sweaver skins live.


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It's too early for this

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Will not do - not really needed

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I would like to re-open this, at least long enough to better understand the rationale behind it. As far as I can tell, the only way to add additional skins at this point is to add them to the skins directory of the sweaver module. This strikes me as being pretty un-drupal. I am working on a distribution that I would like to include sweaver with and the best way I can come up with to be able to build the distribution with additional skins is to submit a patch with the additional skins added and then add the patch for my makefile. If that is the only way to get it done, then I will do it that way, but it seems like there should be a better way, such as scanning the theme file or allow a hook to register a skin.



Title:Create a skin hookSweaver: Create a skin hook

Updating the title so that it makes sense on the dashboard and is less creepy.

Yes that would be possible. I'll take a look into it this weekend

+1 for making a Skin hook. For sweaver.