Currently you can only set a default text format for node importers. Since you can add text fields to any entity type in Drupal 7 this should be abstracted so it can be set for any entity type. I've written a patch that adds this feature.


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Just a minor change to the above patch to make things a bit cleaner.

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Had to fix an issue where when an input format was not chosen for an importer no input format was used. I've made the input format a required field as it should be. Also changed the key text_format back to input_format for backwards compatibility.

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Here's another update to this patch had to fix somethings to get tests to pass a few issues still with tests but I'll post another patch when they're fixed.

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Here's what should be my final patch for review all related tests pass.

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Splendid. This patch contains some minor cleanups Will commit asap.

Title:Abstraction of text format settingsUpgrade text formats, use on all processors
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