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Is there a way to change the order of the default field tab. In the attached screen shot, I would like Additional Information (the default tab - renamed Body field) to move to the bottom. Content Type -> Manage Fields allows most fields to be ordered, but not this tab.

And, I had trouble figuring out Site Configuration -> Vertical Tabs must be (I think) set to "Include new fieldsets in vertical tabs by default' to make this module work. Could be helpful to include this on the front page under Usage. That may be the instruction under the Troubleshooting but not sure.

In any case, this module cleans things up, thank you.

Vertical Default Tab - order of tabs.png15.61 KBitserich



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you can do this with Content Display Order in D6.
in D7 you don't need any modules to do it.

I use Node form columns to arrange fields, it adds two column display and footer.


nodeformcols is incompatible with vertical tabs in D6.
don't use both.

Content Display Order is a functional too to sort the CCK fields for content display
CCK takes care of the rest.

@LPCA, can you please explain how "nodeformcols is incompatible with vertical tabs in D6"?

I use both, didn't see any problems. May be because I use VT only for admin forms, but on user exposed forms I use nodeformcols, no VT.


see here

i tested it myself