Last updated March 5, 2014.

Google Code-In is a program to get 13-17 year old students involved in open source. We need lots of mentoring help, so please read on to find out how to get involved!

There are many ways to get involved. Here are a few:

Proposing tasks

We need people to think up tasks for GCI. Good tasks should take students about 2 hours to complete, and should not require any previous Drupal knowledge or experience. GCI is not only about code! Tasks can be about other things, such as outreach, marketing, translation, research, documentation, usability, etc. Also, please try to avoid wildcard tasks (like "choose a bug and fix it"). Tasks can be for Drupal core or for any contributed module or theme, or for the Drupal community as a whole.

Here is the full list of guidelines for task writing. You can add a task at Tasks must follow the task template.

Reviewing and revising tasks

The GCI issue queue contains a list of tasks that currently are not posted to the official Google application. Tasks that are marked needs review need to be reviewed -- to make sure they follow the task template, have a mentor, etc. If they follow the task template, they can be inputted into Melange (Google's GCI application) and moved to the appropriate issue queue (for example, if the task is about writing a patch for views, it would be moved to the Views issue queue. If the task is about writing a new module, it should stay in the GCI queue), and marked "active." If there is something wrong with the task, the task can be fixed or just marked "needs work". Often, however, the issues are minor technical issues, and it would be very beneficial to fix those, as it's very easy for those tasks to just sit as "needs work" and not get fixed at all.

Inputting a task to Melange

Melange is Google's GCI application, which tracks the "official" tasks. To input tasks, one needs to sign up as a mentor, and then add a task. To do this:

  1. Apply to be a GCI mentor for Drupal. Please include a short message indicating who you are and what task you're going to mentor.
  2. After an admin approves your mentor application, you must fill out your profile on the google site (the exact link to this page is unique to each user) to complete the registration process.
  3. At this point, an admin is able to add a task for you. If you would like to be uber-helpful, however, or if you just don't want to wait around for an admin to post your task to the site, you can suggest a task yourself. (This task should already be marked RTBC on the issue queue mentioned above.) You will be automatically listed as the mentor for tasks you suggest. This task will need to be administrator-approved before it becomes available to be claimed.


We need people to mentor tasks! Basically, just make yourself available, through IRC, IM, Email, or other means, to a student for help. You can find quite a few tasks in the GCI issue queue that are marked "needs work" because they need mentors, and this is holding them back from being "official tasks".

To mentor, one needs to be signed up on Melange, Google's GCI application, and apply to be a mentor for the Drupal project. Once this is done, others can add the task and assign you as a mentor.

Tasks can be entered into Melange.

Work reviewing / Melange monitoring

We need people to review tasks, one must sign up for Melange, and apply to be a mentor. Once that's done, you can go to URL and see all the tasks that have been claimed for Drupal. Two things, mainly, need to be done:

  1. Approving people's claim requests -- in Melange, students must to request to claim a task, and then the claim must be approved. We have a handy bot in #drupal-gci which reports any tasks with unapproved claims every half-hour to facilitate this.
  2. Reviewing tasks -- to review a task, ensure that it meets community standards (like the coding standard for code etc) and it meets the task deliverables. If the task passes, it can be marked as closed. If not, it is marked as NeedsWork.

To get involved, feel free to just pick up any of these tasks -- we'd love your help. You can also stop by in #drupal-google, which is our IRC channel for GCI.