Hi all,

My main menu block is in the superfish region but the dropdown is not working. In Administration » Appearance » Settings, if I uncheck 'main menu' then the dropdown does work on hover, but without hover the whole menu is invisible.

Any suggestions please?




Maybe you forgot to check the "expanded" on parent menus..


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Its seem your problem solved. I'll close this.


Hi it is not solved because I am locked out of this install at the moment -


...so I will reopen this thread later if necessary.


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OK just to return to this...

"expanded" is checked and when I switch to another theme (tarski) the dropdown works correctly. When I switch back to Danland the dropdown doesn't work.

any suggestions please


Having the same problem.
When expanded is checked it shows all but not able to UN-expand it when clicked
When expanded is unchecked it only shows the main menu item, but not able to expand it when clicked.


@Juc1: are you already placing the main menu block to superfish menu region?
@cord1: did you mean the superfish not expanded when hover?

Read the handbook to setup the superfish, its for D6 but similar to D7 version.


Sorry, not using superfish.
Made own menu based on taxonomy (hierarchical) in left sidebar block.
Not able to collaps / expand menu items on click.


@cord1: collaps / expand menu items on click? try with another theme it can or not (try Bartik if D7 or Garland if D6). Do you mean like on superfish?


This do not work on any themes.
In D6.19 this works fine.
ex clicking on Europe:
> Europe
> North America

the menu expands to:
\/ Europe
o England
o Germany
o Norway
> North America

Hi again,
The funny thing is that this works well in Navigation menu, but not when you create your own menu.

I'm having the same issue as you all. My primary links will not expand at all and the menu I want expanded is set to expand. Also, the primary links are in the Superfish region. I don't know if it will expand in other themes. It would not for some different themes I tried. So, not sure what's going on. I'm no expert either so I don't know where to start looking. Thanks for any help


@cord1: Its seem that is the Drupal core bugs.
@afdave14: Maybe you missing to uncheck the Main menu under theme settings.

The superfish menus is working as long as you setup it properly.


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I will close this.


Just to confirm that the dropdown menu does work correctly - after further investigation my problem turned out to be too many menu items at the top level which messes up the display of the menu.



I just started learning and using Drupal 2 weeks ago. I installed Danland theme and used the Superfish feature. I followed all the guidelines and I just couldn't get the drop down menu to work properly. I looked at all the issues people filed and checked all my settings but still no luck. Hope somebody can help me.

Drupal installed version: v7
Danland installed version: 7.x - 1.0 (not sure how I can find out if it's rc1 or rc2)

This is what I did.
1. Created 2 main menu links: Parent 1, Parent 2
2. I checked both boxes: Enabled and Show as expanded and click SAVE.
3. Both Parent 1 and Parent 2 menu links displayed at the home page.
4. I created a child 1 content page. I went to Structure -> Menus -> Main Menu ->Add link to add the child 1 content page to Parent 1.
5. I filled in the Menu Link Title and Path. Only Enabled check box is selected. Under Parent link, it points to Parent 1 and click SAVE.
6. I went to Structure -> Blocks (Danland tab is selected) and place Main Menu under Superfish menu region. Weight I left it as 0. Clicked SAVE to save settings.
7. I then went to Appearance -> Settings and select Danland. Uncheck Main Menu box under Toggle Display. Clicked SAVE to save settings.
8. Now, both Parent 1 and Parent 2 menu links disappeared at the home page. All I get is a blue bar. But, when I enable Mani Menu box, I see Parent 1 and Parent 2 menu links again.

Not sure what I have missed. I followed the same exact directions from the documents and from other user suggestions.

Any suggestions would help.


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Sorry for the spam. I changed the status of this problem so people can review this problem again.

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