If you add a field to a field based view to display the file description and the filefield is set to be multivalues only the first file description is displayed. Also if you select "Generic Files" on the Format for a FileField on a Field based views only the first upload shows... This is because the handler is extending the generic "views_handler_field_node" on the filefield_handler_field_data class, i switched this to extend the CCK's "content_handler_field_multiple" class and it now works as advertised.

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I tried your suggestion but a lot of things didn't work quite right. CCK tries to pull in the field label and display formatters for the field, neither of which will apply to this field. Even after removing the unnecessary configuration options, the field still didn't display anything at all, regardless of grouping or not grouping. Here's the in-progress patch, but it needs some work before this can go into the project.

bump! would definitely like to have output of data values (description, alt, title) for a multivalue filefield without having views just duplicate output of the node for every value. It appears 'Group Values' option is present now, but nothing is displayed (as advertised above.) Any way to simply get the 'Group Values' option for the filefield data handler?

Any way to simply get the 'Group Values' option for the filefield data handler?

No. Because the way group values works for CCK it does a second (hardcoded) query to pull in all the field values as a group. It then outputs it as a group. So if we did add a group values option to the FileField data, it would just end up looking like this:

File name 1
File name 2
File name 3
Description for file name 1
Description for file name 2
Description for file name 3

Obviously that's not what people want either.

Version:6.x-3.7» 6.x-3.2

Is this still being worked on? Want multiple image photo uploads per node with a description for each image to show up in the views. But when I add the data fields in views, only the first description is showing when I group the images. what I want to happen:

<div>file image 1</div>
<div>Description 1</div>
<div>file image 2</div>
<div>Description 2</div>
<div>file image 3</div>
<div>Description 3</div>

All the images are showing, but the description only shows the first like

<div>file image 1</div>
<div>file image 2</div>
<div>file image 3</div>
<div>Description 1</div>

This is not what's supposed to happen.

Version:6.x-3.2» 6.x-3.10

Oops putting for latest version.

I'm not working on FileField these days because I no longer have any D6 sites. I'm happy to review any further patches but I won't be spending more time on fixing this myself.