In the config for a menu block there is an option to set the menu to be expanded but I'd like have my menu auto-expanded only to a certain depth rather than all the way down so $config['expanded'] would contain a number indicating this depth rather than a do it or not flag.

Do you think it would be simple to implement and would you be able to give any guidance - I was guessing I'd need to write a module to hook into your module rather hacking about with your code in the same way that one does with core though I'm a bit new to module writing.


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All of menu block's options are designed to work together. Have you tried the "Maximum depth" option in combination with the "expanded" option?

What I'm after is a way the starting auto-expanded level and then I can expand further as I browse - I believe this is the maximum depth the tree is allowed to expand...?

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If you want that behavior, you can configure each menu link in your menu so that they are always expended. That's not a menu_block configuration, that's a feature in Drupal core.

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