where are the drupal files stored for the website want to edit index.php and related pages)

I am lost with layout?


whatever you are trying to do probably wont be accomplished by editing index.php and would most likely break your website. What are you trying to do?

I want to change the title of the website "<--title-->"my website name"<--/title--> and I have a custom navbar that does not seem to be part of drupal theme (displays incorrect position/faulty icon so I need to add the entry manually)

You can change the title name by going to this URL /admin/settings/site-information , and changing the "name" there.

If you are seeing your navbar it is coming through the theme, if it isn't not displaying correctly it could be CSS, do you have a link to the site demonstrating the problem?

sent pm with link to website

btw I tried changing the site title in /admin/settings/site-information it had no effect, I think the previous developer may have hard coded? it in instead of doing it through drupal.