We have client reports that the l10n_client shows up in the dialog and destroys wysiwyg_imageupload.
Sure we told them to deactivate the l10n_client (at least temporary) to make the dialog work again. But they still consider this a system bug.

Same as you disable admin_menu in the dialog case - isn't it possible to deactivate the l10n_client?


Hi Miro,

how could we. Can i utilize a similar hook like exit / shutdown?

Project:WYSIWYG image upload - Inline images for your WYSIWYG» Localization client
Version:6.x-2.8» 6.x-2.x-dev

It seems to me l10n_client doesn't allow to deactivate it in certain conditions like admin_menu does.

Gabor is there a way to do so?
In admin_menu.module there's a function admin_menu_suppress(). This gets checked right before outputting the markup.

Yeah, this function governs whether you see the UI or not:

function l10n_client_access($account = NULL) {
  if (!isset(
$account)) {
$account = $user;
user_access('use on-page translation', $account) && empty($account->data['l10n_client_disabled']);

We can add an API function to let you disable it from another module if needed.

That would be perfect Gabor. It will be used by other libs like the modal-frame API also, so its generally needed. Thanks

Version:6.x-2.x-dev» 7.x-1.x-dev

Patch welcome. Let's have it in D7 and D6 too.

If we do it the admin_menu way, it would be:

function l10n_client_suppress($set = TRUE) {
  static $suppress = FALSE;
  if (!empty($set)) {
    $suppress = TRUE;
  return $suppress;
function l10n_client_access($account = NULL) {
  if (!isset($account)) {
    global $user;
    $account = $user;
  if (!user_access('access administration menu', $account) || l10n_client_suppress(FALSE)) {
    return FALSE;
  return empty($account->data['l10n_client_disabled']);

Is this the way to go?
I could provide a patch then.

BTW: The function has a $account argument that is never used. I think we should reduce it to global $user case only to simplify.

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Recommended solution, add a variable named l10n_disabled_paths check that the current_path() is not in it using drupal_match_path()

Need a UI too.

Title:deactivate l10n_client in dialogDeactivate l10n_client in certain paths

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