I have searched all over and found no documentation on the removal of the Full HTML text format in Drupal 7. Yet I can't find it anywhere or implement it as the administrator. Anyone have this working?


Administer > configuration > input formats

// Ayesh

Can you see full html input filter in node/add/* ?

Why don't you create a new input filter ?(and apply full HTML's attributes ?)

// Ayesh

If you look at the image (my previous post) you will see that full HTML is not available in the list of options when creating a new filter. I am going to update to RC2. If it doesn't show then I will file a bug report on this.

I havesame problem. Is there any solution for this?

I think Drupal 7 comes only with the plain-text format by default. You need to add a "Full-HTML" format:
This link provides instructions to do so: